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Barking back


It is terrific to see The Birmingham Bark back! John and Mandy and their team at Birmingham’s Laughing Gravy Tent have published their latest newsletter.

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The Roxy Collective set up to purchase Ulverston building 'blown away' by donations

A GROUP of Ulverstonians who banded together to purchase an iconic town cinema, museum and gym have been ‘blown away’ by the generosity of the public.

Earlier this month, The Roxy Collective was formed to purchase the Roxy building and maintain the businesses which are already there: The iconic Roxy Cinema, world-renowned Laurel and Hardy Museum, the U-Gym Ulverston and 808010 Productions. 

Formed by local residents, The Roxy Collective is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC). The group has set out a three-phase plan; to purchase the building, to renovate it and collaborate with people in developing its community initiatives.

 The Mail 12 April 

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Christmas cards

Bowler Dessert will be issuing two new designs of Christmas cards this year. They will feature photos from Big Business and The Fixer-Uppers, colorised by Paul Mitchell. Once again sales will result in a donation to Variety: the Children’s Charity.

The cards will be on at Bowler Dessert’s sales stall at this year’s UK Convention in Greenock, and on sale generally later this year.

Grand Sheik Gary’s travels


2022 commemorates the 30th year I've been a Son of the Desert. Having had some time out from work, I've attended 3 Laurel & Hardy meetings within a week. Starting at the Them Thar Hills tent on Tuesday 5th April in Carlisle, then up to the Panopticon theatre in Glasgow on Wednesday 6th April for the Call of the Cuckoos meeting. And up to Sunderland for the Beau Chumps meeting on Wednesday 13th April, where GS Mike Jones took myself and Norman Leigh from the Bacon Grabbers tent on a tour of locations linked to Stan's childhood.

Thanks to everyone at all 3 venues who made me feel very welcome. If I get more spare time this year, I'll do my best to get to more meetings around the country!


 Gary Winstanley 

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In the North East


I had a splendid time with Gary Winstanley and Norman Leigh ‘on tour’ in the North East. We’re pictured at King James 1 school, Stan’s statues in Bishop Auckland and North Shields and as special guests at the Beau Chumps tent April 22 meeting. Thank you chaps, it was a Perfect Day!


 Mike Jones 

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Twice Two Tent

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Midnight Patrol Tent


Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 27th April, at The Woodman in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent. 

Note a change of day from Monday, due to other commitments at the venue.

Free admission, cheap drinks, 7.30pm until 10pm.


 Antony Mitchell-Waite 

Men o' War Tent

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Quirky artwork on Facebook

Olly's Bar.jpg

Olly’s Bar

Spotted on Facebook.

 Olly's Bar, Rugeley, Staffordshire


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