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International Convention is well underway!


The return of the pee-wee competition "on the green”. 


Photo courtesy of the Intra-Tent Journal

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33rd Annual Oliver Hardy Festival


The 33rd Annual Oliver Hardy Festival is quickly approaching! The hosts look forward to seeing everyone in Harlem, Georgia on October 1, 2022!


Reach out to the Harlem Museum and Welcome Center, the Home of the Laurel & Hardy Museum of Georgia at (706) 556-0401 or for more information.

Bishop Auckland plaque.jpeg

Stan’s old school in Bishop Auckland


The above photo is of the plaque that is going to be put up in Stan’s old school in Bishop Auckland. As far as I know there’s no date for the unveiling as yet.


 Tony Hillman 


Birmingham Bark


The Laughing Gravy Tent has issued its latest wonderful newsletter, updating us on recent activities of the very busy Birmingham oasis.

B Bark.jpg

Laurel & HarDay


The Laurel & HarDay game show is all ready.


 Gary Winstanley 

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Wigan game 1.jpg

Sondayz 2023 


An update and the chance to register starts from  next week!


DATE: SEPTEMBER 2nd and 3rd 2023! The organisers say, "Set this date in your agenda and get ready for a wild west event in the south west of the Netherlands!"


On the telly

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Berth Marks Tent of Ulverston


The next Berth Marks Tent meeting is on Friday 2nd September 2022, at 6pm in the Laurel and Hardy Museum in Ulverston.

Bonnie Scotland Tent of Paisley


The Bonnie Scotland Tent returned to the Tontine Hotel in Greenock for a Christmas meal in July! Grand Sheik Janice Hawton reports…

A lovely meal was the order of the day at our Christmas do in the Tontine Hotel. There might not have been turkey or beetroot, but what we did have was up to the Tontine’s usual excellent standards. There were enough raffle prizes for 2 each and a closely contested quiz was won by Kenny. 


For their July meeting at the Tartan Rose in Paisley Janice reports having a “legal eagle evening with Night Owls, Scram and Going Bye-Bye on show. Our next meeting is on Thursday 25 August. Only 4 months until Christmas. That should give you a clue.”

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Men ‘ War Tent of Colchester


Our next meeting is on 10 September and we are using the new venue, just over the river from Manningtree.  


The layout in Brantham Village Hall looks ideal for our meetings/film shows and we are looking forward to being there and getting members' feedback.


We'll also be providing some refreshments in the form of tea, coffee, soft drinks and biscuits during the break. 


 Paul Harding 

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