New contact address for NI tent


Phil Neill, Grand Sheik of the Laughing Gravy Tent in Northern Ireland, has a new home address and email address:


Phil Neill

4 Dermott Ave


BT2 35JE


Pencil and notepad
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Great reading


The Laughing Gravy Annual has arrived and so has the latest issue of The Perry Winkle. They are both magnificent!




Laughing Gravy Annual: j.ullah@blueyonder.co.uk

The Perry Winkle: roger.robinson5@btinternet.com

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Eric Woods has issued the December Trivia Quiz Answers. Eric says, “Roland Steinert has been declared the winner; he's the World Laurel and Hardy Trivia Quiz Champion 2020.”


He adds, “I do admit to having enjoyed all the back and forth emails regarding the occasional disputed answer over the past 10 months.  I even admit to being wrong on one occasion. The online trivia quiz did, at least for me, what it set out to do, ie keep our minds on L&H silliness and, albeit briefly, away from the wall-to-wall gloom and doom surrounding us.


“Let's look forward to 2021, and hopefully a UK Convention in Scotland hosted by Janice and an International Convention in Rhode Island hosted by Cliff. Yes, 2021 has simply got to be better. We deserve to get back to the social freedoms we took so much for granted.”

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High flying


I've never seen this before, an actual un-retouched shot of Laurel and Hardy posing for the rocket shots, without the action lines painted in, nor the night background with the Eiffel Tower:


Actually, FDR asked Laurel and Hardy to participate in an early version of NASA, Macro Experiment to Study Space (M.E.S.S.), but that was classified!


 Eric Schultz 


On the telly


The festive TV schedule seems to have a little less sparkle this year as a result of the pandemic but one 'jewel' that did catch my eye on Christmas Day is 'Laurel and Hardy: Their Lives and Magic' on Sky Arts at 1.45 in the afternoon, which, for those without Sky (like me), is available on Freeview channel 11. It's been described as a 'documentary shedding new light on the turbulent private lives of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy and the genuine friendship between them' so certainly sounds like it could be interesting to see... and what better thing to sit in front of the TV and watch after you've eaten your Christmas dinner?!


 Stan Fan 


It is on Sky Arts (Sky channel 122; Freeview 11; Virgin Media 123 or 156HD; BT 363HD; Virgin Media Ireland 141 or 145HD).


Some have probably seen this before but what better way of easing the bubbling tensions of the Big Day by calming down with the help of our heroes.


 Peter Jones 

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Chumps Zoom 09.12.20. (3).jpg

Chumps Zoom


Nine tents are present at the Zoom meeting of the Beau Chumps Tent on 9th December, with three overseas tents represented. Such is the pulling power of the Sunderland oasis, with Mike Jones at the helm.

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Van man


I can sort of think of a tie-in with the "No Dumber Plumbers" radio recording, and imagine Stan and Ollie getting a job as plumber's helpers in "Bonnie Scotland", after finding out that the only thing that Stan inherited was the snuffbox and bagpipes!

 Eric Schultz 

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And finally...


Merry Christmas

from the

Bowler Dessert team