Jean Harlow Quiz


Here's the Answer sheet to the Jean Harlow Quiz that I sent out. A number of you scored 10/10 but the winner was Jason Liddiard who only took 25 minutes to respond with his winning 10/10 entry.


Now that's quick. He of course is now the recipient of a Cold Beer award, to be exchanged for the real thing at the next Sons Convention.


Well done to all who took part. I do enjoy the back and forth notes with comments on some of the questions.


 Eric Woods 

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On Jean


Esteemed Chump and regular blog contributor Andrew Cobby has penned a fine article on Jean Harlow, focussing on her connections with the Boys and her 1965 biopic.


Andrew includes much humour and one or two observations that certainly made me laugh out loud!


I hope you enjoy reading Jean Harlow and Laurel and Hardy  as much as I did!


 Mike Jones 

Harlow and Liberty.jpg

Here she is with Stan and Ollie just before being gloriously disrobed in Double Whoopee

In the press


Largs & Millport Weekly News (10.03.21.)

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On the telly


Just to  let you know Stan and Ollie are back on TV!


I have just watched the tail-end of Way Out West, Busy Bodies and am now watching Hog Wild.


The channel is Pluto TV (available to Virgin via applications), probably available on tablets by downloading the Pluto application. Channel 903, Comedy, Classic TV is the one to tune to.


 Russell Clay 

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On Facebook


Steve Trodd shared this cute drawing on Facebook.

Blotto painting.jpg



Stephen Pannell posted this fine artwork from Blotto, painted in 2019.



Dave Williamson offers more information on our article elsewhere about the visit of Laurel and Hardy to Glasgow in 1932


The photo has Stan sat at a Linotype Machine. These are where the highly skilled operators read the journalists’ copy off a paper sheet, and typed at the machine keyboard. These machines were pretty much universal in the print industry and manufactured in Altrincham, near Manchester.





Linotype works.jpg

...and finally