Forthcoming DVD and Blu-ray sets


Here's a full aperture picture element, for "Hog Wild” and for "One Good Turn".  Notice how much more picture area there is at the left (where the soundtrack would be on optical track prints).




You may have seen this before, but just in case -- here's Scott MacQueen at UCLA detailing the restoration of "Sons of the Desert," which is also on the forthcoming DVD and Blu-ray sets.




 Randy Skretdedt 

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2020 International Convention: re-register


The Crowne Plaza Hotel will be removing all registrations for the 2020 Convention as of next week.

The hotel does not allow carry over registrations for more than 11 months.

You can re-register as of September 15, 2020; room rates will remain the same at $129.

Contact Catherine Gray via her direct line at the Crowne Plaza:   1-401-681-4757

Catherine’s  email :   catherine.gray@crownehotelwarwick.com

Hotel :   1-401-732-6000  Ext. 7957

 Cliff Sawyer 

Spanish Flu

Below is part of an article about the ‘Spanish Flu’ over 100 years ago. It is taken from the newsletter of the Blockheads (Minnesota) Tent’s newsletter Cootie Avenue Courier (May 2020). Thanks go to Grand Sheik Tracey Tolzmann for sending it to us.

 Mike Jones 

Spanish Flu (1).jpg
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Anagrams quiz: solution


Rhiannon has sent us the answers to the Anagram Quiz which she, James and Agnes compiled and which we featured a few weeks ago.


Rhiannon declares Roger Robinson as the winner with the most correct answers.


Another quiz is being prepared.

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Back to 1932

Going through old Bowler Desserts to look up Continuity Lapses obviously had several side effects.


Amongst these was revisiting old articles that I think deserve re-airing, so with Willie Mc's kind support, the first of these from a 1932 publication can be found here -

https://beauchumps.wordpress.com/2020/05/12/oliver-and-me-by-stan/ . 


Mike Jones

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Playing with numbers


Willie Gallagher found some papers in a charity shop and sent them to us. This is a very small portion… 

L&H and numbers.jpg


I wanted to send a big thumbs up on behalf of my son Tyler. He's doing a research report on Laurel and Hardy so your website and references gave us a lot of info to get the ball rolling!

He's 12 and soo bored since school is still closed. He has a newfound love of Laurel and Hardy after discovering videos on YouTube. His favourite so far is 'Way Out West'. 

Ty asked me if we could send a personal note to express our thanks. He also wanted me to send this other article he used for his project that has a lot of history on Laurel & Hardy:




Tyler and Margaret Bowen



wo of my granddaughters - currently seven and almost five - used to attend an after-school club called 'Busy Bodies'! But wait, it gets better...


They both came to Granddad and Grandmas for tea after the club one afternoon last year, enthusiastically telling me they'd been "watching Stan and Ollie". They know who the boys are as we have a 2ft stone statue of them in the back garden - which was spotted by the youngest in a garden centre, as it happens!

"Really?" says I "What was your favourite part?" Without hesitation, Abigail, the eldest said "When Ollie got the paint brush stuck on his chin!" So it transpires they were watching Busy Bodies at 'Busy Bodies'! Coincidence? Couldn't be surely!

Anyway, I asked if they'd like to watch it again and put it straight in the DVD player. I did however make the mistake of asking if they would prefer the colour or B&W version and well, you know the rest...

 Mike Jones 

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And finally...