Laughing Gravy Tent


I would have to say that the Laughing Gravy Christmas Music Hall show  (15.12.12.) was simply brilliant! I absolutely loved it.


A big round of applause to everyone who entertained us, and to everyone who came along. It was nice to have Charlie Hall's niece (Jean Cook) with us, and a sprinkling of Saps from Southend.


The event raised £285 (raffle and collection) for the Sandwell Young Carers.


Again thank you to everyone who made it such a fantastic afternoon.


 John Ullah on Facebook 

Be Big Tent


Graeme Green reports on Facebook (16.12.19.): “A great night at Be Big Tent In Ashton!"

T-shirt winner John Lawrenson with Graeme

Grand Shiek Paul Milligan and Cake Bakerer Angela McCallum, with Graeme

International Convention latest

Update: The Perry Winkle


We mentioned the latest Perry Winkle in our last Bulletin. Its editor, Roger Robinson, writes, "I can send a copy FREE to anyone who is not currently a subscriber. (I have some spare copies). All I need is an e-mail to me with name and address. Thanks."

Bowler Dessert back issues


I find that I have all Bowler Desserts from issue 13 (Feb 84)  through to 55 (summer 1998), but am missing 38, 39 and 40. I also have duplicates (in good to mint condition) of issues 14 (May 84), 16 (Aug 84), 18 - 23 (May, Aug, Nov 85 & Feb, May, Aug 86), and 25-27 (Feb, May, Aug 87). 

I would love to fill my gaps - can you help, and perhaps my duplicates might interest some of the 'old timer' Sons who were there, as it were? They are available free to anyone who would give them a good home (on a first come, first served basis) provided they don't go on and sell them - I had a look and there are several issues on Ebay for £3.99 upwards!!! [Ed: Many are also available from our site’s shop.]


They can email me beauchumpssunderland@gmail.com if interested and I'll do the rest. Perhaps I can even arrange some sort of swap if anyone has 37-40 lying around.


 Mike Jones 

On the telly


Stan & Ollie is on Amazon Prime on 2nd January.

Clipping from Radio Times Christmas issue.

Roach Streamliners


I have just spotted this link. It may be of interest to the die-hard fans






 Roger Robinson 

Complete Hal Roach Streamliners Collection Vol. 1 DVD Set Coming in March

For the first time on DVD come all six Tracy and Sawyer streamliners produced


by Hal Roach in this special collection from ClassicFlix!


The Roach film studio was known as the “Lot of Fun” and saw a changing landscape in the picture business in the late 1930s. They came up with the idea of producing features with shorter run times to accommodate movie houses, as well as cut production costs. The concept would prove successful with 22 streamliners being produced by the studio between 1941 and 1948."

Smile please


Our favourite Christmas card this year came from Grahame and Anni Morris.

And finally...

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