New tent


We bid a warm welcome to a new tent. Grand Sheik Joanne Johnson has great plans for her new oasis, the Twice Two Tent.


You can contact Joanne at


53 Howitts Gardens, 


St Neots, 


Pe19 2NS 



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New book


Gary Winstanley’s book Tell Me That Again is now available from Lulu. 


It has 200 pages (5.5 x 8.5 in / 140 x 216 mm) and costs £8.99 plus p&p.


The book focuses on the funny dialogue used in their sound films during the Hal Roach era, featuring well over 300 classic Laurel and Hardy quotes, which are accompanied by a still image from the film.


Examples are:

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More on the Definitive Restorations


Eric Schultz and Randy Skretvedt have added their comments to our page Definitive Restorations challenged.

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New Blu-ray discs in USA


Flicker Alley has just revealed Laurel or Hardy: Early Films of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, a 2-disc release of rare or rarely-seen newly-restored short films starring either Stan Laurel or Oliver Hardy before they teamed up. Set for Blu-ray release on 12th January 2021, the set includes:


Stan Laurel Films 

Bears and Bad Men (1918), The Egg (1922), A Weak-End Party (1922), The Pest (1922), When Knights Were Cold (1923), The Handy Man (1923), Pick and Shovel (1923), Collars and Cuffs (1923), Gas and Air (1923), A Man About Town (1923), The Whole Truth (1923), Brothers Under the Chin (1924), Zeb Vs Paprika (1924), Wide Open Spaces (1924), Detained (1924), Twins (1925), Pie-Eyed (1925)

Oliver Hardy Films

Mother’s Baby Boy (1914), Servant Girl’s Legacy (1914), An Expensive Visit (1915), A Lucky Strike (1915), The New Adventures of J Rufus Wallingford: The Lilac Splash (1915), The Serenade (1916), Hungry Hearts (1916), The Candy Trail (1916), The Chief Cook (1917), Hello Trouble (1918), Married to Order (1918), He’s In Again (1918), The Rent Collector (1921), The Bakery (1921), The Show (1922), Rivals (1925), Wandering Papas (1926), Say It With Babies (1926)


You’ll also get an image gallery and a booklet with liner notes.

On the telly


If you keep an eye on the Talking Pictures channel schedules you will be aware that Laurel and Hardy: This is Your Life is coming up in the early hours of Monday, 30 November (at 3.25am!). This is the 1954 programme hosted by Ralph Edwards. Talking Pictures can be found on Sky 328, Freeview 81, Freesat 306 and Virgin 445.


 Paul Harding 

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If Laurel & Hardy came from Wigan...


Suggested by Gary Winstanley on Facebook

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Bowler in the news

And finally...

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