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Grand Sheik Gary Winstanley has a new home address:


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Quiz of the Desert


The Dirty Work Tent of Wigan will be hosting a live video quiz watch party very soon.


"Quiz of the Desert" was introduced at the 2016 International Convention and played again (with a new set of questions) at the 2019 UK Convention.

It's a fun video quiz, where clips to different categories are played. Some are easy, some are as tough as shoe leather!


Time and Date to be confirmed. Stay tuned.


 From Sons of the Desert Facebook page 

In the press

Daily Mail (23.04.20.), spotted by Melvin McFadden and Steve Robinson

Nice Story BUT......


I have some doubts about the authenticity as it is related.

(1) Laurel and Hardy were not in the UK in 1950. 

(2) during there tours in 1947, 1952 and 1953-4 they appeared at the Glasgow Empire but on two of those occasions they were in the Winter months. L & H were at the Glasgow Empire June 1947, March 1952 and March 1954.

(3) I doubt whether the Boys ever wore their costumes in rehearsals. Usually the only thing they needed to check was the cue music and props. Why did they need to be in costume to do this?

(4) If Stan needed to go to doctors, I don't think that he would have gone withOllie and both of them in their costumes


What does everyone else think?


 Roger Robinson 

Men o' War Tent


We have been adding ‘vintage’ newspaper articles, ads, photos, etc with a Laurel and Hardy content to our Facebook page but if you have not been looking at the page you might like to dip in occasionally to see what we’ve unearthed from our collected snippets.




 Paul Harding 

Great blog


There's a very interesting new audio blog featuring Laurel & Hardy being hosted  by British L&H maven Patrick Vasey. He already has a great written blog, https://laurel-and-hardy-blog.com, and has recently added an audio version. He cleverly adds music and sound bites that make the site an enjoyable session. He is planning on doing an audio blog on each of the 106 Laurel & Hardy films, so this inaugural outing starts with Stan & Ollie's first appearance together, THE LUCKY DOG. Patrick plans on having a special guest on each episode, and he has started-off with a good one, noted L&H author Rob Stone, who is a curator of film at the Library of Congress in Washington DC. 


If you've got 68 minutes to spare, give the show a listen at: https://anchor.fm/LaurelandHardyBlog

 Tracy Tolzmann 


Did you know?


The Sons "anthem" is the same tune as in Give My Regards to Broadway, a song written by George M Cohan for his musical play Little Johnny Jones, which debuted in 1904 in New York.

A liberty


I always look forward to your 'and finallys' and the latest got me thinking about that very topical update of the classic Rockefeller Building picture. I understand that it is now thought to be a mock-up; and if so, I wonder if they used the same 'platform on the roof' method as Laurel and Hardy used when filming Liberty? The Rockefeller Centre didn't officially open until 1933, so the photographer might have 'borrowed' the idea and method from Liberty - the timeframe works as it was filmed and released four years earlier in January 1929.


 Mike Jones 

Dance on


We've all seen Stan & Ollie's WAY OUT WEST dance number outside the saloon set to other music. Here's another version, with additional footage from other iconic cinema sequences.


Something a little different set to a modern tune. Enjoy!

(Thanks to old pal Brian Westley for bringing it to my attention!)

 Tracy Tolzmann 


Sondayz 2020


Stand by for an announcement from the Netherlands about this year's proposed SonDayz.

...and finally


A doctored clip from Laughing Gravy has been going the rounds:



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