Liverpool Landmark


The Leave ’em Laughing Tent of Liverpool are having their 40th Anniversary party at Firwood Bootle Cricket Club, Wadham Rd, Bootle L20 2DD - From 1 – 7 pm on SUNDAY 29th SEPTEMBER. £5 each .


Contact Grand Sheik Samantha Jane Bell on s.traynor@sky.com for details.

2020 UK Convention


Janice Hawton has issued her first update for those attending the 2020 UK Convention. Part of it reads…

Things are moving along for the 2020 Convention in Greenock. We have put together what we think is a rather special Convention. We have a few firsts including The Lucky Dog Company appearing on stage at the Panopticon. 

There have been unprecedented numbers of Sons interested in looking to come to a Convention I have organised. To put it in context, there are double the numbers interested in the Greenock Convention than there were for the last two Conventions organised by me. Scotland no longer has the luxury of large hotels with rooms at reasonable prices. Having looked at hotels in a range of geographical locations, none of which were deemed suitable due to prices, mix of rooms types required or the tiredness of the rooms, the Tontine Hotel in Greenock was booked in January 2018 – prior to the last two UK Conventions. We are in the position of having more Conventioneers than the hotel has rooms. We have therefore booked extra rooms in the Premier Inn in Greenock which is 1.4 miles from the Tontine. 


Janice will be contacting everyone updating them on the allocation of rooms etc.

Perfect Day car

Alan Kent has found another superb entry on Facebook!

Hal Roach


Mike Jones has written a great, lengthy piece on Hal Roach on his website.


Go to https://beauchumps.wordpress.com/hal-e-roach/

Andrew’s choice


Andrew Cobby has recently begun attending Beau Chumps Tent meetings and is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, reports Mike Jones. He says, "Andrew has penned a splendid piece on his favourites which really is an excellent read."


Enjoy it at https://beauchumps.wordpress.com/2019/08/18/my-favourite-sound-shorts/

“New” Anita movie


From the great silent film detective Steve Massa comes news of a “New” Anita Garvin film discovery that will make all of her friends and fans happy:


New title for the Anita Garvin filmography… This was an unidentified nitrate print at the EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam which turned out to be the 1927 Fox comedy SUITE HOMES (the last of their O Henry two-reelers). Anita made a number of comedies at Fox, but this one wasn't known. Also in the cast are Ernest Shields and Marjorie Beebe. Thanks to EYE, Elif Rongen-Kaynacki, and Aldo van Keulen for the scans.


Stan Taffel



Best wishes for the new restaurant, "Ollie's", which you posted news about. I hope that it will be successful and continue to do well for decades to come.

I can imagine a menu with items like:

Fresh Fish and Chips

Old-Fashioned Biscuits and Laughing Gravy
Charlie Hall's Chocolate Ice Cream
"Sympathetic" Spaghetti
Hard-Boiled Eggs and Nuts


‎Eric Schultz


We also have


  • Swiss Miss Cheeseburger

  • Chickens Come Home burger

  • Hog Wild Pork Burger - (is there such a thing?)

  • Bohemian Burger - the works

  • Honolulu Burger

  • Bacon Grabbers Burger

  • Bonnie Scotland Angus Burger

  • Lucky Hot Dogs.


Ollie’s will be found on Front Street, New Herrington, DH4 7AU. The local NISA is next door.

You’re Darn Tootin’ Tent

I went down to Billingham and had a great time. We watched County Hospital and two other sound shorts and had a great chat on our appreciation of Stan and Ollie.


Andrew and Kevin will continue to meet with three or so others on a regular basis simply to consume cocktails, show films and indulge in After-film critique and cocktails and after-after-film critique and cocktails, much of which was in evidence at the gathering. The chaps look upon themselves as the You’re Darn Tootin’ Tent.

Mike Jones

In the news


If you were ever interested in what the newspaper Stan was reading in Blotto said, well now you know! Hmmm...


Alan Kent

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