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Bristol Slapstick Festival


Sunday 19th February 2023 at 3pm

Bristol Old Vic
£20.00 / £18.00 /£15.00

There is a Laurel and Hardy slot during the day. 


A welcome return to Slapstick by author, panel show regular and star of GREEN WING, EPISODES, I’M ALAN PARTRIDGE and THE SPLIT, Stephen Mangan, who triumphed as the host of Slapstick’s 2022 Gala.

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In the media


Bowler Dessert doesn’t do politics, but we simply had to share this one. It’s brilliant!

...and for good measure

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Stars on wheels and wings


I recently obtained a rather scarce booklet called WHEELS AND WINGS, Motor Coaching in Sheffield and the development of Sheffield United Tours (nothing to do with the football club, I hasten to add!)  The company provided transport for the tours of Joe Loss and his orchestra from 1954 to 1960, and the final paragraph of this section states

Other show business personalities catered for were Count Basie, Bill Haley, The Platters, Eddie Condon, Vic Lewis and the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy. The latter two were chauffeured by SIM RIEUWERTS in one of a pair of Humber Pullmans belonging to SUT and available for hire.


 Grahame Morris 


Bonnie Scotland Tent of Paisley


Our next meeting [at the Tartan Rose] is on Thursday 27 Octember. 4 days away from Halloween, there are bound to be bodies of one sort of another. We’ll need to start thinking about our Christmas meal. That should give us all (scary) food for thought.  


  Janice Hawton 

Blockheads Tent of Edinburgh


Our November meeting will now take place on Sunday 27th November and I look forward to seeing all of you at the Scots Guards Club.


 Charlie Lewis 

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On TV in Italy

Joe Gafa, who lives in Fgura in Malta sent this to Roger Robinson:

Italy's TV channel RAI 1 gave us some good material about Laurel and Hardy on Oliver Hardy's 130th Birthday.


Last year the same channel gave us ''Ballando con le Stelle'' (dancing with the stars'' with ''The Boys'' being there. This year we had ''Tale e Quale Show'' (Same as it is Show).This is a presentation for TV given  by private citizens guests to impersonate any of their favourite performers/actors or others. Signor Carlo Conti, the presenter, introduced two Italian friends who decided that they will do ''The Boys'' to their best.They do admire ''The Boys'' whom as they said were their parents’ childhood favourite and glorified them as the world's best comedians.


They picked the song and dance from The Flying Deuces and they really gave a wonderful act.

...and finally

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