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Amsterdam screenings


Opposite is the programme for Saturday 8th June. The show is included in the European Convention. Tickets for those who are not part of the convention can be bought



Wigan recall


Charles Graham wrote a splendid report on the UK Convention in Wigan Post (20.05.19.).

22nd International Convention


Cliff Sawyer tells us that registration for the 2020 International Convention will open soon.

Bob in the news


Well-known and highly respected Son of the Desert seen on Facebook with Jeannie Weannie. It's Bob Hickson!

Them Thar Hills Tent


You are always made welcome at the Carlisle oasis of the Sons of the Desert.



Lookalikes Stan Slade and Robbie Graham have been having some boiler trouble.

Fin ahoy!


Nelson Viraj Santini posted on Facebook this photo of Stan and Ollie and Fin with real sailors!

On the box


The current issue of Radio Times has this glowing piece.

Also on Talking Pictures


On Friday 7th June at 8.00pm we have Laurel & Hardy, This is Your Life. The Boys are the subjects of the USA version. I have seen this before and in my opinion from what I can recall, the Boys look very embarrassed at being the subjects and give the impression of not knowing what to say. Still worth a look.

It is then repeated on Sunday 9th June at 10.35am followed at 11.05am by The Big Noise.

Peter Jones



The look on Stan’s face is priceless when someone from his past appears and he clearly hasn’t a clue who they are!

Mike Jones