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Music book

Marc De Coninck has released an amazing new book on the entire music of the Laurel and Hardy. It has entries on dozens of films, covering 177 pages. This truly is a must-have book!

Contact Marc

And another


If you saw  12-year-old Sem Donkers's remarkable act at the European Convention in Amsterdam in June, you will know that he is an extraordinary youngster. Now he has written and issued a book!


This new (Dutch) book CHEZ STAN ET OLLIE, released on 21st June.


Contact Sem on Facebook.

Gerry Dunne retires


I recently turned 60 and decided to retire from my job in the Northern Ireland Assembly. My colleagues bought me the lovely statue  of the Boys (left) which I will treasure very much. The little fez I'm wearing is actually made of icing and topped the superb cake that my boss Martha Davison made for my retirement party - and thankfully I didn't end up being crowned with it like Babe in Twice Two.  It tasted just as good as it looked. So now that my primrose days are behind me, I'll just have to settle down and enjoy all those great L&H movies again.


Gerry Dunne


Bowler Dessert wishes Gerry a very happy retirement. Enjoy it, Gerry. You deserve it. Your long service as Vice Sheik throughout the entire existence of the Another Fine Mess Tent is much admired.

The Boys are Back! For 5 shows only.


After a sell-out run at the Edinburgh Fringe two years ago this critically acclaimed 55 minute production makes a welcome return to the Edinburgh Fringe. The affectionate tale takes a nostalgic look at Stan and Ollie’s final UK stage tour in the 1950’s. A couple of lovable stage hands watch and admire their heroes from the wings. The production includes routines and songs that helped make the Hollywood duo the most popular and enduring double act of all time.


Searchlight are delighted that the recent blockbuster film with Steve Coogan and John C Reilly helped to bring the “boys” in front of a new and appreciative audience. And they hope this stage show will do the same this summer in Edinburgh.

8th 9th 10th and 12th and 13th of August 2019


At 4.20pm (55mins)


Venue: Greenside Nicholson Square, Edinburgh.


Tickets are available now from the Fringe box office.

Also at the Edinburgh Fringe

Don't miss our good friends from the Lucky Dog Theatre, back yet again with a cracking show...

On the telly

Busy Bodies will be shown at 0755 on Thurs 27th June on Talking Pictures.

And look out for these…

The Music Box Monday 8th July at 5.20am and again on Sunday 3rd August at 7.45am

Towed in a Hole Sunday 14th July at 10.05am

Busy Bodies Monday 22nd July at 8.05pm

Laughing Gravy Saturday 27th July at 11.25am

L&H Murder Case Monday 29th July at 5.25am 


Just as a side note even though it is not about the Boys, there is a short film called Silent Comics showing on Wednesday 31st July at 5.50pm that centres around Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd and Ben Turpin. Might be worth a little look.


Peter Jones

Chumps’ gallery

Added to the site of the Beau Chumps Tent is another page (Gallery 6) of rare and unusual pics discovered on Facebook by Chump Alan Kent Well worth a lengthy browse.

Bonnie Scotland Tent

The Bonnie Scotland Tent will be taking a trip to Rothesay on 13th July and a visit to the Them Thar Hills Tent in Carlisle in October. 

Janice Hawton says, “We are looking to visit The Lucky Dog Theatre Company in Edinburgh on 24th August. They have two shows. One is the Laurel & Hardy Cabaret at 11.30 and the other is all about the Red Balloon at 13.30. Who is brave enough to see that one?”

Another Fine Fest

Sons enjoyed a weekend in Ulverston for Another Fine Fest and for Stan’s 129th birthday on 16th June. 


Ulverston Carnival

The Sons of the Desert are leading this year's carnival parade in Ulverston. Let's make it an extra special turnout this year.


The Any Old Port Tent reminds us of their forthcoming presentations on 25th August in Cardiff.

And finally


I've been looking through some very old film magazines and in a Picture Show dated June 1930 I came across this...


With Charlie on the halls he played, 

And though his fame has been delayed, 

His pictures now proclaim the moral, 

You can't deny Stan the Laurel.


Tony Hillman