The Ultimate Restorations DVDs have arrived


They are indeed 'All Regions' and play perfectly on my machine, so import with confidence!


I haven't really watched too much - just the restored Battle of the Century (Wow!) and a quite wonderful Anita Garvin Interview from 1981 with Randy Skretvedt so far, as I am determined to ration my viewing to make the enjoyment last as long as possible.


Deep Discount - have reduced the DVD price again. If you need a link to them its here https://beauchumps.wordpress.com/2020/06/19/laurel-and-hardy-the-definitive-restorations/


 Mike Jones 


I am being astonished anew at how wonderful these look and sound. Sons of the Desert is a revelation. The subtitles/closed captions all work fine, the commentaries are all there when you want them (choose them under "SET UP"), the photo galleries all work, and the filmed interviews and the trailer look and sound very good indeed. Even Ship's Reporter, the 1950 interview with Babe made as he left for Paris to make Atoll K, looks and sounds very clean and crisp - I’m used to seeing it in scratchy, spotty dupes. I'm not impartial, but I give it an A.

 Randy Skretvedt 

Bristol Convention: amended date change 


The date of the Fraternally Yours Tent of Bristol’s 2nd Convention has been changed again. It will now be held on Saturday 25 September 2020, still at the Holiday Inn, Filton in Bristol.

Great tribute


As lifelong Laurel and Hardy fans, Graeme and Stuart Green love to share the joy of Stan and Ollie's slapstick comedy. They have performed on the small stage, at outdoor festivals, at conventions and many community groups and care homes across the North West. Incorporating song, dance and magic, their timeless comedy appeals to all ages.


This wonderful tribute will perform a laugh packed slapstick comedy show at your event, give a 'talk' about the life and times of our heroes, meet and greet or simply entertain your guests for the afternoon, show films or any combination you would like. Whatever your celebration, Stan and Ollie can add that something extra.


Stuart Green

Grand Vizier

Sailors Beware Tent of Hyde Manchester

Oasis # 262




In 1988 Bowler Dessert published the results of a poll which asked our readers to nominate their favourite Laurel and Hardy film.


We thought it would be fun to ask the same question again and to publish the results and compare.


Already a different pattern is emerging, with the first 12 votes showing 10 different nominations!


Please vote now visiting our Poll page

Watch The Finishing Touch with LIVE accompaniment

I've been putting silent films with accompaniment by Pam and I on Facebook each week. They've usually been Charlie Chaplin because I've had all the necessary material ready so it's been quite easy. But I thought I'd now start showing some Laurel and Hardy silents with our accompaniment. The first one will be The Finishing Touch on Saturday 27th June from 2.00pm.


 Lawrence Dunn 


To view, go to the Facebook page of Lawrence Dunn. Highly recommended.

Gary’s Stan

Following the anniversary of Stan's birthday on 16th June, why not revisit Gary Winstanley's Dirty Work Pictures presentation of Stan Laurel, Comedy Genius.


It's a splendid documentary which runs for 39 minutes, features loads of top clips, interviews with fellow Sons and is highly recommended.


Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imxlT9ooPNk.

Great virtual meeting


John Ullah and Mandy made a short video for their members as they had to cancel the June meeting of the Laughing Gravy Tent of Birmingham (because of the pandemic)


Click on the link:



Marble Halls on the radio


Did you catch the weekly Willie McIntyre Turns Back the Clock show on Angel Radio on 21st June? The regular quiz featured the Ku-Ku theme tune and the song I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls.

Box recalled


Trevor Bell posted this photo on Facebook. Paul Allen comments, “This was in 2002 at our convention in Southend.  I made the piano case for the convention and now I'm proud to say it's in the Laurel and Hardy Museum in Ulverston.

More Continuity Lapses


Further to Anth Q's newly spotted Continuity Lapses etc, we built a recent blog https://beauchumps.wordpress.com/2020/05/21/continuity/ around the subject. (Thanks also to those of you that have subsequently sent others in that I was able to add to the relevant pages on the Chumps website. Keep 'Em Coming).


I was surfing the other night and found an unofficial but splendid montage of several of the Faux Pas mentioned in the blog, and numerous other Continuity Lapses that we haven't spotted. It's really interesting to see them being played out, and the author of the piece says, "Here are a handful of movie goofs that I noticed in some of the Laurel and Hardy films. There are many more than this but I picked out a few of the more obvious ones (and some of my favorites). These are mainly editing mistakes that can be caused by shooting scenes out of order or filming close-up shots after a scene is completed. This compilation is in no way meant to disparage the team or their films as I am a huge fan. Even the big budget films of today continue to make these types of mistakes. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this compilation." I did, and I think you will too, and remember, my thinking is to notice errors in continuity etc is to really appreciate the films and to better understand how they were created. Great stuff!


 Mike Jones 


Sheila Anderson spotted some tasty (but expensive) items on the internet. Go to https://bit.ly/3fcniOh.



A friend of mine was in a store in LeClaire, Iowa (just west of Illinois), and took this photo. I believe that the nostrils in the masks are the eyeholes for whomever would wear them.


While I am always glad to see depictions of L&H, I think these masks look a little creepy. I guess that in the context of a parade, with its festive atmosphere, it would be fun to see a couple of people walking around with these giant masks.


 Eric Schultz 

And finally

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