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Ulverston Carnival

Sons of the Desert will be descending upon Ulverston on 2nd July for the annual carnival.

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Statues display


Paul Hickling of the Brats Tent has made us aware of an exhibition by Graham Ibberson who is displaying some of his sculptures. This includes a copy of the sculpture of Stan and Babe which sits in Ulverston town centre.


Please see link for details of the exhibition


The attached photos feature Paul when he visited the exhibition 

Monday - Saturday, 10am


 John Burton 

Visiting the Glasgow Evening News July 1932.jpg
Visiting the Glasgow Evening News July 1932ColoredHR copy.jpg

More colouring


We are great admirers of the work done by Paul Mitchell from Canada. He has colorised dozens, perhaps even hundreds, of still photos of Laurel and Hardy and everyone of them is a delight.


We sent Paul the black and white photo used earlier on this site of Laurel and Hardy at the Glasgow Evening News premises. We asked him what he thought about colouring it. He speedily sent us his coloured version. Amazing!

Camel parking

Spotted on Facebook

parked camel.jpg

Spike memory


Just reading Spike, an Intimate Memoir, by his long-term manager/agent/friend/minder,

Norma Farnes. In it she mentions a meal she attended with Spike and Marty Feldman, who Spike considered a “kindred spirit”.

Marty turned up wearing three lapel badges, when Spike asked what they were, he replied 

"The Holy trinity of comedy”. They were, Buster Keaton, Stan Laurel and Groucho Marx.


 Dave Williamson 

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Fraternally Yours Tent

Grand Sheik Peter Andrews gives us this guide to finding the venue of his tent meetings and reminds us of the date of his coming convention in Bristol next year.

Bristol convention 2023.jpg
Bristol tent.jpg
Bristol Tent map.jpg
Chumps Tent.jpg

Beau Chumps Tent

We had a splendid meeting at the Ashbrooke sports club on Weds 22nd with over 30 of us enjoying ‘Why Girls Love Sailors’, Be Big!’ and ‘Unaccustomed as We Are’. Patrick got full marks in the quiz, we shot a short video for the forthcoming International Convention, our mascot Mille showed off her fez for the Ulverston Carnival and £67 was added to coffers from the Raffle! Thanks to all who made it a great night; we’re already looking forward to July 13th.


 Mike Jones 


Bonnie Scotland Tent


After all the giddy excitement over the last umpteen years leading up to the Convention, normal service was resumed for our May meeting, including seeing Norrie for the first time in years. A good number of us started the evening dirty so to speak and got gradually cleaner, viewing Dirty Work, Busy Bodies and finishing with Come Clean. Mick did sterling work with the raffle tickets and most of the prizes all clinked. How very Bonnie Scotland like.


 Janice Hawton 

Why Girls Love Sailors Tent

Why sailors meet.jpg

In the press

Metro (17.06.22.)

Metro 17.06.22..jpg

The Blockheads Tent and the Beau Chumps Tent report enjoyable outings to the play.

Tony’s gallery


This is picture No. 6 of my comedy wall.


 Tony Bagley 

Tony's sketches.jpg
for the record.jpg

...and finally

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