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Lee’s kinship


Lee Mack was interviewed by Adam Lawrence in Radio Times (20-26.07.19.). Part of the interview mentioned Laurel and Hardy.

In Europe


In the lovely goody bag issued to conventioneers at the European Convention in June was a superb 32-page Blotto magazine special edition recalling the Boys’ visits to Europe.


Giancarlo Manfredini of the Blotto Tent in Italy gave your webmaster a terrific photo of Laurel and Hardy arriving at the Termini-Roma station in Rome in 1950.

Over the moon


Amid all the recent celebrations of a certain moon landing, Roger Robinson reminds us of an important fact.

Hyde Roundabout


Hyde's famous roundabout is 100 years old so Stan and Ollie (the Sailors Beware Tent) went to visit during the Hyde Fundraisers day on July 6th.

DVD Release in USA:

Charley Chase at Hal Roach -

The Talkies - Volume 2 (1932-1933)


Kit Parker Films has released, again through Sprocket Vault, another volume of Charley Chase two-reel comedies, this time covering the 15 shorts he made for Hal Roach productions during 1932 and 1933.  It is one of the strongest periods of Chase's long career and features some of his best work.


Charley Chase was, at one time, called "unfairly forgotten" because his wonderful short films were only really known by those who explored screen comedy's history. They received some TV exposure in the 1950s but not really much since.  Some specialized cable stations would run the films later on, but there was a long gap of several decades where his movies were really only available via the collector's market. When I wrote my book The Charley Chase Talkies several years ago, gathering the films for screenings was one of the bigger challenges. The fact that we can now get two years of short films, restored from the best available pre-print material, for roughly half the price that only one of the comedies would cost in 16mm back in the 1970s is certainly cause for celebration.

James L Neibaur

Nature in the Wrong

Remembering Bill Cubin


I knew Bill very well in the early days, with the launch of the original Beau Chumps right through to the Statue in North Shields as well as several visits to the old museum and numerous conventions.

Mike Jones

On the telly


A couple more treats from the Talking Pictures channel, we have


Oliver the Eighth on Friday 9th August at 4.15pm

Below Zero on Thursday 19th August at 5.40am



Peter Jones

On screen in Newcastle


Just finished going through a NE mag called The Crack, which is a what’s on mag and in the film listings The Punch Bowl Hotel, 125 Jesmond Rd, Newcastle, on the 30th July  at 2pm are showing Way Out West and Stan & Ollie.

Tony Hillman


Projectionist's fun


"Stan Fan" writes: "In the Burnley Express - on June 25th 2019 - I spotted an article about a former cinema manager and projectionist who’d died suddenly and my attention was drawn to the following section:


“His long and successful cinema career began at the age of 16 when he got his first job as a projectionist. He took time out to work at Dawes Textile Mill in Nelson but soon returned to the job he loved, working as a projectionist at the former Rosegrove Cinema.


It was here that he met his future wife, who worked there as an usherette.


His daughter said: “Dad used to get her to stand in the auditorium longer than normal selling ice cream and popcorn so he could look at her through the projection window whilst playing the Laurel and Hardy theme tune when she walked down the aisle."