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Sailors Beware are proud to support The Anthony Seddon Fund


On Tuesday September 10th, World Suicide Prevention Day, our Grand Sheik and Grand Vizier, Graeme and Stuart Green, went along to support an event organised by The Anthony Seddon Fund at Ryecroft Hall in Audenshaw. Many agencies attended and people talked about their story and the help they received. Whether it be from a teacher at school or someone who has been through similar situations, just talking about their feelings made the all the difference. It was an inspiring event, knowing how difficult it can be to get help when people are in crisis.


The Anthony Seddon Fund was set up in June 2014 by Donna Thomas and her husband Brian after the death of their son, Anthony, to offer support for those with mental health issues in Tameside. 


Stuart Green

Wonderful Paul


From the current Perry Winkle magazine.

Stan & Ollie movie

Stan & Ollie is up for two Scottish BAFTA awards. Shirley Henderson is nominated for Best Film Actress and Jon S. Baird is nominated for Best Director in the category of fiction.

Help wanted with UK tours photos


I am a true Son of the Desert, I am currently looking for press photos of Laurel and Hardy's various music hall tours in England (1947 / 1952 / 1953-54). You have friends who have original photos of the Boys' tours in your country. Would it be possible that you put me in touch with them ? I am convinced that they could help me in my search. Please let me know what you can do for me. I would be extremely grateful if you could give me a hand in this matter!


Phone numbers : 33 1 / 33 6

Well spotted


Alan Kent noticed this splendid photo of Babe, presumably at home with a selection of his golfing trophies. It certainly is a nice photograph, but look carefully at the framed picture on the wall over Ollie’s right shoulder. Yes, it’s the same as the publicity shot for The Rogue Song on the left!


Mike Jones vaguely recalls reading somewhere that Babe particularly liked The Rogue Song. This might add fuel to that fire! Great spot, Alan!


From the Beau Chumps Tent website

Blockheads tent

Edinburgh Evening News 25.09.19.

From Brushwood to Titwood

Don't forget two major Laurel and Hardy events in Glasgow - 2nd and 6th October.

Melvin in 2004


If you were at the UK Convention in Oldham in 1992 you will remember Melvin McFadden being goaded into reviving his Benny Hill impression. He didn’t need a lot of persuading! Willy Messerscmmitts and his Oompah Band were clearly mystified.


Let’s try to coax Melvin into a revival at the Convention in Greenock next year.

Date correction


I just noticed this photo on Bowler Dessert Online:


It is labelled, "1947 2 Tour", but it was actually from the British Pathé newsreel from 1953:




Just wanted to let you know. Hats off to you!


Eric Schultz

Fin and Nice Girl

Just looked at your latest Bulletin. Regarding the item from Ronnie Paton on the Deanna Durbin film Nice Girl, I've just checked it on IMDB and Fin is listed in the credits  as ‘”loafer at train station” with the notation that he was uncredited. The film is listed in his own credits on the site.

Tony Hillman

Comic book


I bought this L&H comic book by "American Mythology Comics" last spring, and liked it. Now I have ordered the new issue. The first one was pretty good, and I like the idea of current-day artists making new depictions of Stan & Ollie.


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