26th, 28th February -7:45pm, 29th February - 7:30pm, 1st March - 2pm

This musical play has been a success at the Edinburgh Fringe and has come to London.

Edinburgh Sell Out Show Award - 4 years running!

A truly wonderful and affectionate tribute to the most popular and enduring double act of all time. The “boys” in the twilight of their careers are on a tour of UK music halls and theatres. A couple of stage hands watch in awe from the wings as their comedy heroes entertain the packed houses. They then see them up close in the dressing room and view a deep and caring friendship.


The production highlights some of their most popular songs and routines. It is a story of innocent humour and companionship and ultimately loss. They made each other smile and the rest of us laugh.

A wonderful and evocative tribute. - Fringe Revue.

Website for tickets bhtheatre.com

The Bridge House Theatre is situated above the Bridge House Pub.


2 High Street



SE20 8RZ


Phone: 020 8133 0311

Strange play

I saw a play entitled The Strange Tale of Charlie Chaplin and Stan Laurel at a small theatre in Newcastle.  It wasn't only the title that was strange, the cast was too with Stan being played by a coloured actor and Chaplin played by a woman who was really good and very versatile. In fact the whole cast were good.


There were only two others in the cast and one of those was a woman playing the piano.


They lived up to the period of the setting in that not a word was spoken, everything being done in mime.


Just checked on the ‘net The Strange Tale of Charlie Chaplin and Stan Laurel and its going to Liverpool, Birmingham, Scarborough, Northampton and Exeter. 


I noticed a reproduced quote by Danny Kaye, on Laurel and Hardy: 

'They made us laugh because in them we kind of saw ourselves - ridiculous, frustrated, up to our necks in trouble, but nevertheless ourselves.


Tony Hillman

40th UK Convention


John Ullah writes,: “The UK Convention is getting closer, which means we need acts for the Sons Entertain. So if you can sing, dance, tell a joke, or have any other talent you wish to share with us, please let me know.

Don’t be shy, it’s all good fun, and you’ll be in good company.

Please let me know asap so I can put the acts into some sort of order (well somebody has to). 

Email me at the following address  j.ullah42@outlook.com


  • Janice Hawton tells us that directions to the hotels will be sent mid-April.

Comprehensive timeline


I’ve just finished building a comprehensive timeline of events that had a bearing on the lives and films of the Boys. It Happened When? can be found here




 I hope you find this useful, and please let me know if there are any additional entries you would like to see in there.


Mike Jones 

Bishop Auckland tribute


The photo is of members of my ten-and-some from Sunderlands Chumps, having put a wreath on  Stan's statue in Bishop Auckland. A photographer from Darlington’s Northern Echo was there. I'm 2nd from the right, with Peter Jones, our Grand Vizier between me and the statue.

Tony HIllman 

Photograph trickery


Gary Winstanley has concocted this terrific photo of the Boys overlooking Ulverston.



Anth Q came across a couple of documentaries on YouTube: 'Exploring the Graves of Stan and Ollie's Co-Stars'. I'm happy to report that these are not as grim as they sound, as both episodes mainly focus on the careers of each individual with the Boys, much more than on their final resting places. There is a 'now and then' filming locations section in part one* and the last half-hour or so of the second part is a short documentary on Stan and Babe, and the productions are worth watching for these alone. All of the main protagonists are featured; Fin, Charlie Hall, Mae Busch, Thelma Todd, Anita Garvin et al, and there are loads of clips from almost all of the classics, as well as many behind the scenes and off-duty stills.


I strongly recommend you give these a try and part one can be found here https://youtu.be/P6Qo6LbS-aE where there is also a link to part two. 


* I was fortunate to visit many of the locations in August 2016 and my account of the trip with pics can be found at https://beauchumps.wordpress.com/on-the-right-trek/



Mike Jones 

Stan Laurel's old school 


South Shields Gazette reports:


The comic actor, one half of famed Anglo-American double act Laurel and Hardy, spent part of his childhood in Bishop Auckland, where he was a pupil at the former King James I Grammar School.

The listed building, in South Church Road, known as the Laurel Building, has been empty since 2000 and in 2007 was gutted by fire.

It could now be in for a new lease of life after county bosses agreed plans to renovate the site for housing.

Mike Jones says, “I’ve spoken to the councillor who's mentioned in the article and he said that the building is listed but the back is so far gone that it's impossible to do anything with it. Somehow they've had the listing removed so the back is going to be demolished and the front retained. The rebuilding is going to be of apartments and flats for the over 55's. I said that with the association with Stan it would be nice if his name was included in that of the building when completed and he said that was already under serious consideration.


“I also mentioned that we had a plaque in our care that had been on the building commemorating Stan's connection to it and that we would be pleased to hand it over when ready to be reinstalled and he was most interested in that.”

Tony Hancock


In checking the trivia items on IMDB for Tony Hancock before adding something to the site, I came across this:


With ambitions to succeed in Hollywood, Tony Hancock decided to embark upon a film career. For professional guidance, he paid a visit to comedy legend Stan Laurel at his home. Hancock was advised by Laurel to not include any slang in a film's screenplay.


Tony Hillman

Steam shovel and Batman


Something of interest spotted by Mark Rodgers:


Did you know that Batman's butler, Alfred Pennyworth, was killed by a steam shovel dropping a boulder on him of all things? 


Marks says, “Let me know if there is any chance to win one anytime soon!”

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