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JOHN ULLAH reports

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Beau Chumps Tent

The Chumps held their June meeting with special guest Rogerrrrrr Robinson, when we also saw the return of Original Chump Robert, who I haven’t seen for over 30 years!

We enjoyed ‘The Lucky Dog’, ‘The Hoose Gow’ and ’Saps at Sea’, distributed the new Chumps T-shirts, put the final plans in place for our Ulverston trip and overran by almost half-an-hour, we were having such a swell time!

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We now have most of the information relating to the big screen event on Saturday 15th July in the beautiful town of Hexham which is about half-way between Newcastle and Carlisle on the A69, when Stan's great-nephew, Keith Woods, will be guest of honour.


Here's a link to the online booking facility: Forum Hexham - Way Out West, and booking is dead easy.


The cinema has very generously discounted entry to all Sons of the Desert members who can select 'Student' to get their tickets for only £7.50 online or at the door, though my suggestion would be to book in advance as the event may well sell out. There is nothing to compare to seeing the boys on the big screen and here's an opportunity to experience two splendid shorts and many Sons' favourite feature.

  Mike Jones 

On the steps

Posted humorously by Steve Bartley on Facebook.

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Mabel Radcliffe RIP

We are sorry to hear that Mabel Radcliffe died last year at the age of 104. Mabel once lived in the house where Stan Laurel was born and is pictured with Stan Slade and Mark Greenhow.


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Michael in Bradford

In Great British Railway Journeys (BBC2, 24.06.23), Michael Portillo visited Bradford and stayed at the Railway Hotel in the same room that either Stan or Babe stayed in, in 1952.

  Mark Rodgers 

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Eric Schultz sent us this.

Gordon Jefferson play

An advert for a play by Stan Laurel's brother, Gordon,  was spotted on Facebook.

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...and finally

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