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DVD set of solo films


Axel Schumacher has received the new solo discs and has scanned the contents of the accompanying booklet (23 pages!) for us.


We are impressed.


You can buy the set for 35 euros at https://www.dvdfr.com/dvd/f91014-laurel-ou-hardy-avant-le-duo.html.


There are 4 discs. The film titles, 35 in all are:


Bears and Bad Men  (1918)

The Egg  (1922)

The Pest  (1922)

 The Handy Man (1923)

Collars and Cuffs (1923)

Gas and Air  (1923)

The Whole Truth (1923)

When Knights Were Cold  (incomplet) (1923)

The Weak-End Party (incomplet) (1922)

 A Man About Town 1923)

Pick and Shovel (1923)

Brothers Under The Chin   (1924)

Zeb VS. Paprika  (1924)

Detained  (1924)

Twins  (1925)

 Pie-Eyed  (1925)

Wide Open Spaces  (1924)

 Mother’s Baby Boy (1914)

The Servant Girl’s Legacy (1914)

An Expensive Visit  (1915)

A Lucky Strike (1915)

The Lilac Splash (1915)

The Candy Trail  (1916)

The Serenade (1916)

Hungry Hearts (1916)

The Chief Cook (1917)

He’s Again (1918)

Married to Order (1922)

The Rent Collector  (1921)

The Bakery (1921)

The Show  (1922)

Rivals (1925)

 The Candy Trail  (1916)

Wandering Papas  (1926)

 Hello Trouble » (incomplet)

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Intra-Tent Journal

The latest issue of the ITJ is now available, with the usual fine mix of Sons news and Laurel and Hardy features.


For subscriptions, etc, contact

Bill Oates (USA)

Del Kempster (UK)

New Pod book


And here we have it - our new book Got a few adjustments to make, then it will be on sale.


Antony and Jo Mitchell-Waite

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2020 Laurel and HarDay goes Zoom


This year's Laurel and HarDay has been cancelled. Organiser and Grand Sheik of the Wigan’s Dirty Work Tent, reports that it would be impossible to include the traditional films etc, and attendance numbers would have to be severely restricted. There will, however, be a virtual event. Click here.

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Appeal for headstone for actor Lionel Belmore


I would love it if you took a moment to check out my GoFundMe campaign:


Your support would mean a lot to me. Thank you so much!

The blacksmith is actor Lionel Belmore who made over 200 films. He has been in an unmarked grave for 67 years. Please help to make sure he has a respectable marker. Any donation will help make this happen. Please share this post with friends or groups that may be interested. We are almost a third of the way there.  Thank you in advance for your help.

  Robert Satterfield 

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Great painting

This painting is the work of Nick Chapman.

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Looking back


It was 32-years ago: July 15, 1988, when the Sons of the Desert convention was in full swing in Saint Paul, Minnesota! It was a Friday, and the theme of the day was "The Music Box." Many of you may recall taking a whack at destroying one of 5 upright pianos during the "'I Hate and Detest Pianos' Piano Demolition." It was over 100 degrees that afternoon out on the Mississippi River bluff park across from the hotel, but that didn't stop the contestants!


Following a wonderful banquet, the evening continued at The World Theater (now The Fitzgerald) where 950 people packed-in for our sold-out salute to the celebrity guests, "Stan, Ollie, Spanky and Friends." It was a MAGICAL night as our guests were treated like stars again - and they WERE stars again!


Rain fell during the show, cooling the air considerably, but it heated-up again on Saturday for more Sons of the Desert convention fun!


Great memories for all!


 Tracy Tolzman, Grand Sheik Block-Heads Tent, Oasis #3 

On Lego


Axel Schumacher found a super video of a logo version of The Music Box! Quite amazing.

Go to:

#lego #stop #motion #laurel #hardy Stanlio e Ollio La Scala Musicale in LEGO Stop Motion

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Lego 2.jpg
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On the telly

Radio Times (21.07.20.)

And finally...


Isn’t Matthew Cooper’s face mask great!

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