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SonDayz 2020


With Hans and Graham at the helm, the Jitterbugs Tent in the Netherlands hosted the annual SonDayz on 24th October. This year it was online! They describe it as, “The  strangest way to celebrate the Laurel and Hardy SonDayz. Thanks to all of you who participated. It was wonderful to see you and to have fun. Next year we go for the real thing again!”


Bowler Dessert’s thanks go to the team for a terrific session of films, games, quizzes and laughter, with a truly international group of Sons.

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Intra-Tent Journal


The latest edition of the Intra-Tent Journal has a great article on John McCabe, founder of our  society. There is also the usual mix of tent news and articles.


To subscribe, contact editor Bill Oates in the USA or Del Kempster in the UK.

Beau Hunks Tent of Nottingham


Unfortunately nothing has been happening at the Beau Hunks Tent since March. Our venue will cope as it serves meals, but I fear for the Bull Inn in Bottesford as it struggled through the last lockdown. Not good times, I'm afraid.  


I'm still in contact with our tent members and in these very strange times, I've been gladly welcoming new members who want to come and join us as soon as it’s possible to meet again. One of our new members, Ian Raven, sent me this wonderful photo of L&H scarecrows he made for his local Scarecrow Festival in Western Park, Leicester last year. 


 Dave Tomlinson 

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Stan's First Night


Bill Crouch reminds us of Stan's First Night. In 1987 STV (Scottish Television) produced this half-hour play by Alex Norton, about a sixteen-year-old Stan Jefferson's (Stan Laurel) first appearance on stage at the Panopticon in Glasgow.



New oasis in USA


Joanne Johnson, Grand Sheik of the Twice Two Tent of St Neots in the USA, tells us of the founding of her new tent. She says, “Trust me to decide to found a tent in the middle of a pandemic! It is taking us a while to hear back from people. We don't have prohibition now, just isolation!” 


Joanne is putting the finishing touches to a tent logo.


We wish Joanne and her tent lots of luck and fun.

Beau Chumps Tent: great blog


You might have seen some of the retouched coloured images I've dropped into several updates as well as the Blog Laurel-and-Hardy-in-Colour several of us put together. 


 Mike Jones 

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Infinite Statue


These statues from Infinite Statue, Italy, are amazing.  Check out the Model T with Laurel and Hardy for Pre-order. 


Go to https://www.infinitestatue.com/en/


 Flip Lauer 

Infinite statue.jpg
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Seen on Facebook for sale at £50.00.


12in 78rpm record, commemorating 1930s UK visit of Laurel and Hardy. The last two were sold to Sons members before before going on to eBay.

And finally...