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Saps at Sea Tent of Southend-on-Sea

I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone that was able to attend the Saps at Sea meeting on 12th March which was also in memory of my late wife Rita. We all had a lot of fun enjoying films with different Mrs Laurels and Mrs Hardys but the highlight was a compilation of clips featuring Rita including the one where we met up with Stan and Ollie lookalikes at Universal Studios back in 1999. I had previously asked people if they had an unwanted gift could they donate it to the raffle as all the money raised was going to the British Heart Foundation. The N&M club where we hold the meeting very kindly donated back the room fee as well as donating prizes, the Saps donated all the admission money for the evening and along with the raffle money and odd change that people kindly chucked in the bucket we raised over £400 for the British Heart Foundation in memory of Rita. Rita’s sister Linda and Rita’s son Paul and his family attended as well as friends from over the years.

 Ray Dempsey


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Bonnie Scotland Tent of Paisley


On 21 January we had our Christmas do. There had been a change of venue to The Pendulum in Paisley and there was fine dining for everyone with a few cocktails thrown in.

We had a couple of cross-border inter-tent visitors in the delightful shapes of Melvin and Brenda McFadden from the Them Thar Hills Tent. There was a closely contested quiz and I’m not saying there was collusion at the far end of the table, however John Robertson and Melvin had very similar answer sheets. In the end, Kenny MacLaren did not live up to his favourite quote, and just pipped Willie McIntyre to the title of quiz champion and won a box of Ken Bruce Pop Master questions.


I’d booked a booth in The Bull Inn. There, we had more cocktails as well as our raffle and anthem. There were enough prizes for everyone, and our rendition of the anthem intrigued other folk in The Bull and prompted some interest from them. We had a kitty going, and along with the raffle money and a bit of a top-up, we were delighted we were able to send donations to RAMH and Underheugh Animal Rescue, the two charities selected for the
Convention last year.

   Janice Hawton

Call of the Cuckoos Tent of Glasgow

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Blockheads Tent of Edinburgh

Grand Sheik Charlie Lewis reminds us of forthcoming meeting dates at the Scots Guards Club:

Sunday 5th March
Sunday 2nd April
Sunday 7th May
Sunday 4th June

The annual Hippodrome Silent Film Festival in Bo’ness will run from Wednesday 22nd to Sunday 26th March.
There will be a double bill of Laurel and Hardy on the Sunday (26th) consisting of Angora Love and Bacon Grabbers from 12pm. Tickets price £11 (£8.50 Conc) are available from the box office
BOX OFFICE Tel No.  01324 506850

 Charlie Lewis 

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On the telly

Twilight Zone

Here is something funny I found on "My 'Reel' Life”.

  Eric Schultz

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L/H and AC/DC

The first draft for the cover of the AC/DC album 'For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)'.

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