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Oliver Hardy Festival, Harlem, Georgia USA


It has been confirmed that this year's Oliver Hardy Festival will take place on 2nd October. It was missed last year.


Full details can be found on the website



Museum mural

LInda Caldwell reports, “Our mural is almost finished. It will be done just in time for the Oliver Hardy festival next month.”

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Near Dublin essay


Liam Muldowney has penned a splendid essay for the Chumps website on a film that is close to his heart, the Stan Laurel solo, ‘Near Dublin’. Enjoy!



 Mike Jones 

Stan & Ollie movie


Here is an interesting short commentary on the "Stan & Ollie" film. Clips from this film and from actual L&H films are shown. The commentator discusses both what was good about the film and what things it got wrong. He appreciates that the film was made, and recognizes its attention to detail.



 Eric Schultz on Facebook 

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Kickstart: Laurel & Hardy - After The Laughter


Thanks to 99 backers, we've almost reached the magical 5-figure sum. Thanks a lot, everybody! I can't wait to find out who our 100th backer will be. Maybe it will be you?



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Brats Tent of Sheffield


There was a fantastic turnout at the Brats Tent Septober meeting as we welcomed our new Grand Sheik John Burton Jnr and also appointed a new Vice Sheik Jim Wilson. Jim has been a Brat for over 20 years and humourously recites many lines from films including those uttered by Walter Long... which made the 'Loyal toast' a hoot!


The Tent will be inviting Heppy's family to the meeting on 8th Nowonder where we intend to share L&H memories of Heppy and screen a couple of his favourite L&H films.


To try to get back to some sense of normality we are also going to hold a curry night in Nowonder.


 John Burton 

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Grand Sheik John Burton,  Vice Sheik Jim Wilson,  Grand Vizier Mark Johnson

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On the telly


Looks as if we are down to one showing a week now on Talking Pictures as we have


Tuesday 5th October at 5.25am we have Oliver The Eighth,


Tuesday 12th Octember at 7.20am Another Fine Mess


 Peter Jones 


...and finally