Stan & Ollie Tribute


Brothers Graeme and Stuart Green of the Sailors Beware Tent of Hyde have been putting on shows and talks about the duo, incorporating slapstick and mayhem.


They tell is, “They have been going down well at various venues. Care homes and Time of Your Life groups have loved them amongst other bookings. We would like to do more and thought your readers may be interested.”

Contact stugreen55@gmail.com

Newly discovered footage


Serge Bromberg presented a selection of rare and newly discovered footage at the Academy’s Linwood Dunn Theater in Hollywood.


Among the treasures presented was footage of The Boys announcing that they have filmed there latest shorts in multiple languages. Babe does the speaking in front of a microphone with Stan at his side. They do some small bits of business, Stan interrupting Babe, stepping on his foot, but to see them letting the world know that they have filmed several languages was a sight to behold.


Serge is a very generous film archivist and an ardent fan of Laurel and Hardy so this footage will most likely be made available at some point.


Stan Taffel in the Laurel and Hardy News groups

Guess who?

Do you know who this is, many years ago? A clue: he went on to become Grand Sheik of three different UK tents. The answer is at the bottom of our page.

See you in Wigan? 

In Glasgow


The Call off the Cuckoos Tent’s next presentation will be a popular one as Way Out West hits the screen once more at the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall in Glasgow. This will be the tent’s final show at the Panopticon this year. Note the date: Wednesday 2nd October


However, the tent is hosting a Laurel and Hardy Movie Marathon at Titwood Bowling Club in Glasgow on Sunday 6th October and all are welcome. The tent’s Marathons have proved enormously successful in the past and it is hoped that this one will break all records. 

Iain’s script 

Iain Young of the Call of the Cuckoos Tent has a copy of the script of the movie Stan & Ollie. He has seen the film fifteen times. Iain is a valued projectionist at the Panopticon and obviously one of  Laurel and Hardy’s keenest followers.

Stan & Ollie at the Panopticon 

The movie Stan & Ollie will be screened at the Panopticon on Friday 20th September at 7.00pm. Steve Coogan and John C Reilly star in the heart-warming story of what would become the pair’s triumphant farewell tour of the UK. 

Tickets cost £6.09 - £8.13 from the Panopticon. 

  • The DVD is now in some shops reduced to £7.00.

Beau Chumps Tent

I'm pleased to note that Alan Kent is still at it, finding some amazing stuff on FaceTube or somewhere like that. I've uploaded another gallery to the website which can be found here - https://beauchumps.wordpress.com/facebook-pics-gallery-eight/


As usual, several of these have been incorporated into the appropriate pages elsewhere on the Chumps website, as have Andrew Cobby's brilliant descriptions of his favourite top ten sound shorts as uploaded to the News/Blog section.


To whet your appetite, here are a couple of my favourites; firstly, the Boys learning Spanish for Ladrones - their version of Night Owls: Interesting faces being pulled here...

And secondly, a nice colour shot from the 40’s.

Another one? OK.  I've no idea which beach this is from, but this is mightily impressive.


Mike Jones

Brighton beckons


Mark and Theresa Hammond are arranging a rather special L&H event next July in Brighton. There will be an opportunity for a walking tour to see venues connected with Laurel and Hardy (and Max Miller), free time to explore the vibrant town and a film show with extras at a rather nice venue. There is also an opportunity to stay overnight at a reasonably priced and good hotel nearby for those Sons who want to make a weekend of it.


Details are being firmed up, but as the ad says you might want to make a note in your calendars in advance. More information will be passed on when known.

Roger Robinson

The Lucky Dog Theatre


Gordon Davie went to see the Laurel and Hardy Cabaret at the Fringe in Edinburgh. He says, “It wasn't planned but four other members of the Blockheads Tent were there too - Christine and Martin Craig, and Laura and Martin Tierney. We had a photo taken with Tony Carpenter (Stan) and Philip Hutchinson (Ollie). Very enjoyable show!”

Fringe benefit


A good show from Philip and Tony and I bumped into some of the Blockheads Tent. But, erm, my real Fringe highlight was Basil Brush Unleashed. ***** show and a signed photo as well. Boom boom. 


Fred Terris

Guess who?


Our young man is Dave Beecroft. Dave was the founding Grand Sheik of three tents: County Hospital (Bradford), Blockheads (Edinburgh) and Our Relations (Fife).

Stan might have said


To write with a broken pencil is pointless.

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