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New tent in Madrid


We bid a hearty  welcome to what may well be the first ever Son of the Desert tent in Spain. They are the Los Calaveras (#377) of Carlos Paz Molina. We wish them lots of success.


The Grand Sheik is Carlos Paz Molina and his address is 

Avda/Real de Pinto, 

31 Portal 1 3b

28021 Madrid


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Laurel & Hardy: After the Laughter (book & dvd)


Visit our new website:

The website contains:

- a description of the upcoming book and DVD

- a page showcasing some of our restoration work on audio, video and photographs which will be presented in our book and on our DVD

- links to our Kickstarter campaign and Facebook page

- an updated PDF file with an illustrated summary of the book's contents

- a link to the recent interview co-author Nico did with host Stu Shostak

- a link to the webshop where you can purchase our previous release 'Spot On! An Audiovisual Account of Laurel & Hardy's 1952 British Tour'

The website will be regularly updated and expanded, and you will be able to (pre)order your own copy of the book/DVD through the website when it's ready.


 Michael Ehret & Nico Cartenstadt 

Intra-Tent Journal

The latest Intra-Tent Journal has been issued.


Contact editor Bill Oates.

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Heave Ho!

Spotted on Facebook

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Another fin mess


Notice the top left headline of New York Daily News (20.07.22.)


 Randy Skretvedt 


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On the Talking Pictures channel on the telly


Saturday 30th July at 1.45pm we have Towed In A Hole.


Monday 1st August at 8.15am we have Do Detectives Think?


Thursday 4th August at 3pm we have Liberty.


 Peter Jones 


Chumps on tour


Eighteen Chumps visited Ulverston on July 2nd - and we had a swell time with many fellow Sons from all over the UK


Andrew Cobby recorded the event for posterity, and here is his splendid article - A Chump at Ulverston - which also contains many pics.


 Mike Jones 

Look who’s talking


Motion Picture News (April 1929)


Seen on on Facebook

Rare photos


More pics I’ve not seen before.


 Steve Trodd on Facebook 

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...and finally

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