Laurel and HarDay


Don’t forget the Laurel and HarDay in Wigan - only a few days away! It is sure to be a resounding success, as always.


If any Grand Sheik would like a digital copy of Laurel & Hardy’s Road to Laughter to show at meetings, drop me a message.


 Gary Winstanley 

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Berth Marks Tent of Ulverston                                    

Many thanks to those who attended our first tent meeting in a looong time! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and see you all again next time.

Our film choices were:

Atoll K (1951)

The Fixer-Uppers (1935)

You're Darn Tootin' (1928)


 Matthew Cooper on Facebook 

Plaza Cinema

in Waterloo

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Block-Heads 1.jpg

Back at the Panopticon  (But not yet!) 


The Call of the Cuckoos Tent will be bringing Laurel and Hardy movies back to the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall in Glasgow on Wednesday 6th April 2022, starting at 7.00pm. We expect any pandemic concerns to have subsided by then! We will be enjoying Block-Heads and a few specially selected shorts. It will be fantastic to renew our regular screenings in the company of enthusiastic audiences – we have desperately craved for that for a couple of years. 

In the meantime it is worth mentioning that the Blockheads Tent have resumed monthly meetings in Edinburgh and all are welcome. Contact Charlie Lewis at lewiscbl260@btinternet.com

The Bonnie Scotland Tent continues with monthly virtual meetings and again all are welcome to come along. Contact Janice Hawton at chonziecats@yahoo.co.uk


 Willie McIntyre in Cuckoo Times 

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One Good Turn Tent of Huddersfield


I think we have found our new home. George and I went down to The Sportsman pub on St John's Road and had a couple of beers. The staff (Josie) was very friendly and helpful, coming to top up our glasses regularly. They take card payments, there is a wifi and a suitably sized side room where we can set up our kit. There is no charge for the room, and it is very close to the railway station for our travellers. There's even a beer called "Out West”.

So we've taken the plunge and booked for Tuesday 14th September at 7:30 pm. This equates to the second Tuesday but whether this will remain the case we will see, going forward.


 Mark Wall on Facebook 

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As something of a 'pinball wizard' (make a good name for a song that, eh?) in my college years, I just had to share this.


Apparently, it's a 1975 Bally pinball game with graphics highlighting figures from the Golden Era of Hollywood film including W.C. Fields, Laurel & Hardy, Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson, Frankenstein and more. Very nice! 


 Mike Jones in a Beau Chumps Tent’s Bulletin 

On the telly


Here are more Talking Pictures offerings for Septober


Thursday 2nd

we have at 6.30pm Saps At Sea

we have at 7.40pm Hog Wild


Saturday 4th

we have at 6am The Tree In A Test Tube

we have at 9am Liberty

we have at 5.20pm The Music Box


Sunday 5th

we have at 6am Busy Bodies


Monday 6th

we have at 7.10am Pack Up Your Troubles

Tuesday 7th

we have at 8.10am Sons Of The Desert


Thursday 9th 

we have at 7.40am Our Relations


Friday 10th

we have at 7.40am The Bohemian Girl


Saturday 11th

we have at 9am Busy Bodies


 Peter Jones 

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...and finally

They go boom