Intra-Tent Journal 176


Due to the clamp-down on outdoor activities at the current time, it has not been possible to get the current ITJ printed and sent out in the post. Bill Oates has agreed that ITJ 176 should be sent out electronically to all the subscribers by me to UK and Rest of Europe. 


The good news is that this issue will be FREE and not count as part of your subscription.


  Roger Robinson. 

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I've been looking up Lobby Cards and Posters for each film to add a little colour to the relevant pages on the website. These were used to publicise the pictures on release and generally feature caricatures of the boys where much of the artwork is excellent, though some perhaps not so good! I might create an A-Z of these at some point if you're interested and here's an example below. If you want to see the card for a particular film and its not there yet, please be patient as I don't expect to be going anywhere anytime soon, so it will appear - assuming I can find the card or poster of course! There are several that don't appear to be anywhere on the interweb, but watch this space.


Mike Jones



Laurel and HarDay


Our game show this year...


We will have a few possible chasers but which one will it be?


You'll have to be there to find out!


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Prime Minister’s Question Time (25.03.20.)


“This is no time for levity,” said Jeremy Corbyn as he rebuked the Prime Minister for levity when asked a very serious question during the current crisis. The PM quickly changed his tune.

Did you know?


Tony Hillman has been going through various notes to put information onto imdb and came across this tit bit…


Ollie used to be a member of the 'Twentieth Century Four' alternatively known as 'Half a Ton of Harmony'.


…And a couple of bits on Fin


On a visit to England to promote March of the Wooden Soldiers (1934) he filmed some scenes in the Will Hay film Dandy Dick (1935), but they were cut before release.


He lost two toes on his left foot. Speculation was that it happened when he was working in his father's foundry so turning him off following his father's profession.


He was a member of Stenhousemuir Cricket Club.

Homer Simpson's Dooooh!


Radio Times (28.03.20. - 03.04.20.)

On the telly


A little light relief is on the horizon as Talking Pictures channel are showing The Big Noise on Sunday 19th April at 4.30pm. So there is a chance for a little mirth to alleviate the difficulties people may be encountering whilst in home isolation. 


A little though I have had whilst at home, why not watch two films of the boys a day, maybe a silent in the morning followed by a talkie in the afternoon. This could be a great way to pass the time at home and of seeing a film that you would not necessarily watch as a first choice. By doing this I am seeing some of the boy's silent films for the first time and let’s face it the boys made 106 films together so there goes 53 days in a flash of fun and laughter.


Peter Jones

Just for fun

Your webmaster on the radio


I have had enquiries from the press and others as to whether my radio shows are continuing in the face of present restrictions. Nice to know folk care! The good news is - YES. I am still playing great music from the past in all three of my weekly shows, Spinning the Sixties, Back to the Seventies and Willie McIntyre Turns Back the Clock.


I would love to have your company and I guarantee that there will be no mention from me about current virus woes. Just happy memories! Please come along.

Willie McIntyre

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8.00pm Sunday

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