Blockheads Tent of Edinburgh

The Scots Guards Club have been in touch to say that we can start holding our meetings again and with that in mind, I have booked the function room for Sunday 6th June. 


The advice I’ve been given is that we treat it as if we were in a public bar and maintain a one metre distance and wear masks when moving around.


This will be a Members Only meeting to “test the water” as one might put it. We’ll observe a maximum capacity of 20 people if numbers dictate. 


Hopefully in the months to come, we’ll see further relaxations of the measures.


 Charlie Lewis 

Beau Chumps Tent of Sunderland


Big news for the Chumps! I've been in touch with our venue, the Ashbrooke Sports Club in Sunderland, and it looks like we are back in business. I've booked the below, though we will of course have to be prepared to adapt if big Boris announces any steps back from the 'escape from Granolavirus' plan.

Weds 14 July

Weds 11 August

Weds 8 Septober

Weds 13 Octember

Weds 10 Nowonder

Weds 8 December

 Mike Jones 

Tents "relaunch"

Men o’ War Tent of Colchester

If we can confirm the venue bookings, we are looking at a September 're-launch' with a feature film and a couple of sound shorts with a view to seeing how the numbers will be and how confident people are attending. The evening will be FREE to members and newcomers!

This first meeting is pencilled in for 18 September. We expect to hear next week if the venue is open for bookings and once that is sorted we can then confirm this date for the re-launch.


Further dates will follow depending on the response to that first meeting. (Pencilled in as a Christmas meeting date is 27 November).


 Paul Harding 

Centenary celebration 7th August


The Sons of the Desert will be gathering in Ulverston for this event. We will be in the pubs throughout the day then settling down for an evening film show at the Laurel & Hardy Museum.

This was to have been a much bigger event but being short notice, “That's all there is. There isn't anymore!"


Tickets can be reserved from 21st June once we know where we stand in the world of Covid!


 Gary Winstanley 

The Laurel and HarDay, 4th September


We are planning this year's annual event as though it will be going ahead. We don't know at this time whether there will be a limit on places or if it will be cancelled again. 


 Gary Winstanley 

See elsewhere on Bowler Dessert Online for details

Best of British magazine.jpg

Best of British


The front cover of Best of British (June issue) has a photograph of Laurel and Hardy on the locomotive at the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway in Kent. In a 2.5 page feature they tell the story of the opening of the railway in 1947, the use of the railway by the Army in WW2 and, they even add the important fact that the Sons of the Desert arranged a re -enactment in 2002.  


Excellent photographs which are very familiar to us are included. Go on, give yourself a treat and buy this at your friendly neighbourhood newsagent.


 Dave Dearle 

Great charity effort


In the last Bowler Bulletin, there was a mention of my daughter, Rachael's efforts to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support by shaving her hair. As Rachael was formerly a young Soness of the Desert, Gary Stanley Slade had suggested an unofficial 'target' of £1,890, to recognise Stan's birth year, which at the time seemed insurmountable? Well, the Sons stepped in and she just about got there. Gary spotted this and just eased it over the line as below. Not only that, he then put another £2.00 in the pot to recognise Babe's birth year too!


My Granddaughters, Abigail and Sophia, also had their long hair restyled into bobs and donated the cuttings to rainbowtrust.org.uk. I am one seriously proud Dad and Granddad even if my eldest daughter now has a hairstyle like Fin (and me for that matter...) 


On behalf of MacMillan, Rachael and me girlies, can I extend a massive thanks to all of who helped raise this amazing amount! Rachael is so grateful - she almost quadrupled her original target, and sends a special thanks to the Sons of the Desert. 


Gary Stanley Slade was a huge help, raising over £120 himself with the Sons at large donations topping £640 which is amazing! He’d suggested a target of £1,890, which came and went, then £1,892 ... and then £1,921 for the centenary which he and I ‘collaborated on’ to achieve!


The actual total finished at £1931, aka the year before Stan And Ollie won the Academy Award! 


 Mike Jones 

Hair 2.jpg
Hair 3.jpg
Hair 1.jpg
brave the shave.jpeg
Reel streets 1.jpg
Reel streets 3.jpg
Reel streets 2.jpg

Reel Streets


This is quite interesting, re Stan & Ollie, the 2019 film about the Boys.



 Dave de Kort 




Spotted on Facebook, available from Heritage Auctions - a one-sheet poster for a 1970 Spanish reissue of "Block-Heads."

Eagle-eyed sighting


Saw on TV an old episode of Starsky and Hutch... series 3 episode 7 The Cying Child!


They were playing their versions of Laurel & Hardy,




 Trevor Bell 

tv clip art.jpg



I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was delighted to achieve a long-held ambition to get me a set of autographs. Well, they came back from the framing factory and I have to say, I'm very pleased indeed with the results.


 Mike Jones 

framed signatures.jpg
no elephants.jpg

... and finally