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Laurel & HarDay schedule

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International Convention 2024


The stars are aligned for a Sons of the Desert return engagement in Sacramento in 2024.

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International Convention 2022


A first for a Sons convention. Due to a vehicle striking a transformer, the hotel and area lost all power for 4+ hours. We had to start the Trivia Contest in natural lighting! Lights came on at 10:40am, to much laughter! One guy was willing to light a thumb for us...


Laurel and HarDayHotel Albuquerque had only a single elevator running. (In 5 months,  they hadn't found the part to repair the other car). Is this the work of Ben Turpin’s fix-it service?


 Dave Greim on Facebook 

Bishop Auckland plaque clarification


The brass plaque that was on Stan's school is now on the wall in reception at the new academy next door.


The cinema 100 plaque (right) is going on the listed front of the new housing. On the right hand side about 3 metres up. Hopefully it will be up temporarily for the Heritage weekend in late September. No official opening times yet. 

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On Blog-Heads - The Laurel & Hardy Blog Community


Stan Laurel and Babe Hardy signing autographs for some young fans on a No Parking sign from the set of their 1938 classic, Block-Heads. Is there any doubt that these fine gentlemen genuinely loved their fans and appreciated all that their fame gave them?


 Ken Yodowitz 

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 Nuremberg screening


The Apollo Theater in Nuremberg 1951. Showing L&H Movie "Behind Lock And Bars" (Pardon Us).


 Deutches Laurel & Hardy Forum 

Did you know?


On IMDB is one bit regarding Lawrence of Arabia. The real Lawrence was a foot shorter than Peter O’Toole and looked like Stan Laurel.


According to Variety (21.01.31) L&H would triple up as Dames, Old Men and their regular parts. This was probably the original concept for Twice Two.


Pardon Us was originally called The Rap (Variety 02.09.30.). Dorothy Granger was replaced by June Marlowe.


 Tony Hillman 


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