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Below Zero Tent of Battle: Grand Sheik steps down

Colin Obersteller writes, “Following the death of my wife Kath, I feel that I can no longer carry on as Grand Sheik of the Below Zero Tent.
Kath and I worked together on this bit of fun and I will find it far too hard to put on the shows without her. I believe Stan refused to go on without Ollie and it's the same for me. Therefore Mick Hoad and Paul Skilbeck will take over from here on in.”

We are sorry to hear this from Colin and wish him peace and success in the future, while thanking him for his great work with the Below Zero Tent.

Gary W.jpg

Gary Winstanley

Gary had a heart attack at work and was rushed to hospital. On Facebook Gary writes:

I just want to thank everyone for all their kind words of support. It's good to know you care. I'm just glad you aren't paying my final respects just yet. I came close though! The whole experience has been like a very bad dream but at least I'm on the mend now with the help of a pon full (and lifetime) of tablets. (I took nothing more than headache tablets before.)

I have to have another stent fitted in 6 weeks time, so until then I won't fully recover. I have to be very careful. Nothing too physical and certainly no more stress needed! Time to rest and recuperate for now. I can't drive for 4 weeks, but at least I'm still here to act daft for a bit longer. Thanks again, everyone.

We wish Gary a speedy return to full health.

David Langley RIP

Sadly I have to tell you that my cousin David Langley has passed away after a long illness. He was fun to be with and a member of the Be Big Tent a long time ago.You may recall him climbing out of his wheelchair to dance with the girls from the Abba tribute group at the Northenden convention Manchester.

  Bob Hickson 

This is indeed sad, Bob. Dave was fine chap and is sadly missed.

Clocks back

Steve Trodd posted this on Facebook.

Clocks back.jpg

Recommended reading


Aiming to once more bring the names of a selection of popular Irish actors to the fore, Slapstick and the Shillelagh takes its five subjects and revisits their lives and their contributions in early silent movies. Whilst navigating their early life in Ireland, it then follows their journey to America and onto the silver screen where they made significant impacts on audiences and reached the pinnacle of stardom. It follows their highs and lows and looks at who they were both as actors and as people who never forgot where they came from. Each has a story that needs to be told and their names need to once more be in the spotlight. Kate Price, Creighton Hale, Douglas Gerrard, Charles Gerrard and the Moore Brothers worked hard, led interesting and colourful lives and each reached the heights of stardom and then saw themselves and their careers slowly wind down.

Liam Muldowney writes:


Genuinely flattered and overwhelmed at how this has been received. We worked very hard to ensure we traced every detail and recorded it correctly. It was actually an honour to be able to bring these wonderful people back to life somewhat and to be able to tell the world how much of an impact they had in the early days of film making.

Thanks so much for the support we have received so far and for all the positive feedback.

Johan 1.JPG
Johan 2.JPG
Johan 4.JPG

Cobh captured

Johan Schultz sent us these fine photos from the Erropean Convention in Cobh.

Right: Johan & Ute Schultz with Tony (Laurel) and Philip (Hardy) of the Lucky Dog Theatre.

Johan 3.JPG
from Beau Chumps  Tent.jpg

Chumps Halloween

Mike Jones spotted this marvellous pumpkin online.

Men o’ War Tent of Colchester

The  Halloween meeting (on 28 October) of the Men o’ War Tent was an opportunity for those who like to 'fancy dress' for the season to come in a Laurel and Hardy themed outfit. A prize was awarded for the outfit with the best L&H link.

The tent’s Christmas meeting will be on 2nd December.  The programme will be decided by member votes.

 Paul Harding

Beau raffle prizes.jpg

Beau Chumps Tent of Sunderland

The Chumps had a splendid meeting on 11 October though technical issues prevented us showing the 30mins of footage from the 10th U.K. convention that we hosted in 1988.

We enjoyed ‘Men O’War’, ‘Their Purple Moment’ and ‘Unaccustomed as we Are’, as well as ‘Beau Chumps’ - which replaced the convention footage - all on a new bigger screen thanks to Ray and Stuart Hall.

A brilliant raffle and sales of Willie McIntyre’s calendar means we will be donating $100 to Bob Satterfield’s current project for Dorothy Christy:

Thanks to all who came along and made it a great evening!

 Mike Jones

Ghostly greetings

The Live Ghost Tent of London sends greetings!

Live Ghost Tent greetings.jpg

...and finally

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