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Great new book looms


Since the beginning of May this year, I've been posting a Laurel & Hardy 'Quote of the Day' on the Sons of the Desert [Facebook] page. This was to cheer folk up during what's been a rather miserable year. I've made so many (as memes) now, I decided to compile them all into a nice little book "Tell Me That Again: The Book of Laurel & Hardy Quotes".

Matthew Cooper has been very helpful with his knowledge, locating where in the films certain quotes came from. I was so grateful for his help, I invited him to write a foreword.

I've just a few finishing touches to do then it will be on sale, in time for Christmas! 


 "It won't be long now"


 Gary Winstanley 

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Contact Eric at  International Trivia Quiz

to be included in the ongoing quiz.

It is addictive!

International Trivia Quiz


Here we go with my Nowonder International Trivia Quiz sheet.


I've also issued the answer sheet to the Octember quiz, just in case any of you are still pondering.


And wouldn't you know, Roland was there again, he responded first last month with a 10/10 score, many others responded shortly after him and subsequently scored points.


So, good luck with the Nowonder Trivia Quiz, let's have some rapid responses, we can't let Roland walk away with the title without giving him some serious competition?


Do forward the Trivia Quiz to any of your Sons friends who might have a spare few minutes to fill?


And remember, it's only a bit of fun, 


 Eric Woods 

New CD



No details on here or Amazon - I wonder what it will contain.


 Stephen Kong 


The Laurel and Hardy collection - 48 hours of classic comedy on one drive! £14.99




I saw the above advertised on eBay and was intrigued.

 Ron Dunn 

The item description read:


This is a fantastic collection of videos and audios from the kings of comedy, Laurel and Hardy. It contains over 48 Hours of video and audio content and comes on a 16Gb Flash Drive. This really is an amazing collection, with Laurel and Hardy movies, along with lots of their solo movies going back to 1916, along with rare audios and lots of rare footage of the pair, interviews and all sorts. Check it out!

Drawing of Laurel and Hardy in Bonnie Scotland


I'm keeping the original of this for my wall but if any fans of Laurel and Hardy would like a copy free of charge please message me your email address and I'll get it to you.




 Matthew Galloway 


A Pair of Tights


Tony Hillman tells us that "On a call sheet, for 'A Pair of Tights' (1929) that would have been issued to the cast and production personnel the day before filming, Stan and Babe are listed. This makes it highly likely that Stan and Ollie filmed their part which was subsequently deleted before the film was released."  


Well, Randy Skretvedt in his definitive tome Laurel and Hardy: The Magic Behind the Movies tells us that this was indeed the case.


Roach Comedy A Pair of Tights stars the wonderful Anita Garvin and cute-as-a-button Marion Byron.

Stan and Babe almost made a cameo in this, the third (and final) picture the girls made together as a sort of female Laurel and Hardy. The picture ends with a fight, where many passers-by slip in ice cream that Marion Byron has done her best not to drop. Five or six times... A sequence was shot where Stan and Ollie come round the corner, spot the fight and turn the other way, but still manage to get chucked in the police wagon. The boys' segments were thought to have been deleted so as not to take the focus away from Anita and Marion. 

 I hadn't seen this before but loved it. It is great fun, features both Edgar Kennedy and Charlie Hall, as well as other stock players Ellinor Vanderveer and Harry Bernard and a silent print can be found here. Alternatively, a 10 minute 'highlights' segment with commentary, music and sound effects taken from Robert Youngsons When Comedy Was King (1960) is here. Enjoy!


Take care and if you haven't seen it, the best bits are in the highlights clip (though I suppose that goes without saying...


 Mike Jones 

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Seen while walking


On a walk we saw this in an old fashioned gents barbers window (Drew’s Hairdressing) in Canal Street Renfrew.


 Bill Crouch 

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And finally...