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Bulletin 12 May 2019

Ulverston Carnival


This year we are very happy and proud to announce that The Sons of the Desert will be leading the Ulverston parade.

Beau Chumps Tent

You’d have to say a huge well done to the 30 or so that braved the appalling weather on 8th May 2019. It was great fun.

A brilliant effort rafflewise which brought in £46 to add to the stall receipts of £44.

“You don’t believe me! The yellow and the red bits”? Mike was delighted to be reunited with one of the 1988 Convention tee-shirts he personally coloured in just over 31 years ago. Thanks to Peter and Andy for this. clearly the indelible ink he used was just that – indelible!

Thanks once again to Damian for the felicitous fayre and to Tony for the venue and for his finely formulated machinations on the sound and DVD front! Special thanks also to Peter Jones for handling in the raffle in David’s absence, and also to original Chumps Ray and Stuart Hall for their continued donations to the tent.

Ray Hall – in addition to the prints and fezzes he donated last month – has also gifted the tent several vintage Laurel and Hardy books. New member Worida mentioned that she “Doesn’t know a great deal about the Boys, so any little bits of info would be a great help”. So, Mike's idea with these is to use them like a ‘library’. Members can borrow a book between meetings ie: for one month only, on a £5 deposit. Bring the book back the following month and all but £1.00 will be returned. Any proceeds will go into tent funds which now stand at £134.

Visits to both Carlisle and Ulverston were discussed, and there will be more on this at the June meeting.

Mike Jones

Alan and Mike

The Beau Hunks Tent

The Beau Hunks Tent continue to meet every 3rd Wednesday of the month at the White Lion Pub,  24, Middle Street, Beeston, NG91FX, Nottingham at 7.30pm. On Wednesday May 15th, we will be paying a Laurel & Hardy film tribute to Mae Busch. Then, on Wednesday June 19th, in the lead-up to the Bull Inn, we will be screening other animal-related films including ZENOBIA (1939), the so-called "Elephant in the Room" film that was the cause of that controversial argument in the recent STAN & OLLIE (2019)  film... and of course we will also be celebrating the university of Stan's birth!   


All are very welcome to join us.


For more information please contact Grand Sheik, Dave Tomlinson at


Dave Tomlinson








On the telly


Talking Pictures have scheduled more great films of the original dynamic duo. This time we are treated to...


Them Thar Hills on Monday 20th May at 5.05pm Pom Pom!

Laughing Gravy on Tuesday 28th May at 8.20pm Have a glass of water before it starts!

The Music Box on Wednesday 29th May at 4.50pm Heave Ho!

County Hospital on Thursday 30th May at 5.35am Obviously an early appointment here!

The L-H Murder Case on Thursday 30th May at 4.50pm Don't answer the phone!

The Flying Deuces on Sunday 2nd June at 11.35am No horsing around especially in planes!


Peter Jones



I saw an article in the i newspaper about some historical event at the Gloucestershire Steam Railway, featuring reenactors dressed as (amongst others) Stan and Ollie. Unsure who the actors were, probably not Sons; they didn’t have the most blindingly accurate likenesses to the Boys, although I’ve seen worse. Any Laurel and Hardy is better than none, so, here’s to them.


Martin Tierney

Boys at the Bull

I've now finalised our plans for our usual annual day trip to the Bull Inn in Bottesford and also to Barkston. 


As a special, we are hoping to see the world premiere of a fully restored version of Duck Soup. This has been done meticulously by one of our tent members, Robin Cook, and I've been told that its absolutely amazing. 

Dave Tomlinson

Any Old Port Tent

Stan & Ollie movie


This might be an offer for selected customers only (me being one of them), but the download was £5.99, the download and a freepost DVD when released was £6.99 and the download and the Blu-Ray was £8.99.


If you consider the current Amazon prices are £9.99 and £14.99, this would definitely be worth checking out.


Mike Jones


Like all their Sky Cinema offers, it's only available to Sky subscribers. They normally offer this 2-3 weeks before the DVD/Blu-ray hits the shops.


The download to your Sky HD box normally expires after a certain period but you have the physical copy to look forward to. It still works out more expensive than buying a copy from Asda or HMV!

I guess it all depends on how impatient you are to see the film.


Ian Self

Photo shot

Laurel and Hardy Lookalikes Stan Slade and Robbie Graham posing with their friend Jeff Davies at the Sons of the Desert Convention at the Holiday Inn in Haydock. 

In the press

Radio Times (11-17 May 2019)