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Chris & Dave

 GRAHAME MORRIS pays tribute 

Chris Coffey


Chris was a true Son of the Desert and brought his films to one of the first Early To Bed Tent meetings (along with Norman). Anni and I appreciated his support. 


Of course, his lasting legacy will be the Laurel and Harday in Wigan.  Those early meetings at the Beer Engine have become legendary and we both have many happy memories. There seemed to be hundreds there making a wonderful atmosphere.  It was a bold move the year he booked Ronnie Hazlehurst and his orchestra but what an occasion, never to be forgotten.  


I also remember with a smile the convention where the fire alarm sounded in the night and we had to assemble in the car park. The hotel manager did a roll call and when he shouted “Coffey” someone shouted back “Two sugars please”.  I don’t know whether this was Chris or not but it got a big laugh.  


Anyway, a tip of the Hat to a fine Son, Chris Coffey RIP. The Laurel and Harday will forever be a tribute to him.

Chris 2008.JPG

Dave Wyatt


Anni  and I were shocked and saddened to hear about Dave Wyatt. As others have said, his knowledge of Laurel and Hardy, and silent films, was second to none. I remember a spot he did at a Laurel and Harday all about a wall which he had spotted in more than one film, brilliant! 


He always made a point of asking me if I had anything unusual on my sales stall, and, occasionally I had! I remember he needed a copy of Carl Davis themes (this was pre-internet days, and on vinyl) which he said was scarce, although I didn’t realise that!  


His contribution to Rob Stone’s 1996 book Laurel OR Hardy was invaluable and the following sentence from the book’s acknowledgements by Rob says everything about  the man: “David Wyatt, who put aside his own book project, Before Laurel and Hardy, to join in with me, deserves my eternal thanks”.  


We will remember a fine Son of the Desert.

Dave Wyatt 4 May 2018.JPG
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