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14th European Convention update

May 2023

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We are home from the successful UK convention where I met a lot of Cobh delegates and all are enthusiastically looking forward to September. At the Grand Counsel meeting on the Monday I gave an update and a synopsis of what we hope to deliver in Cobh and if I had another 20 places, I reckon I could have sold them afterwards, such was the response.

The Hotels have been on to us to ask us to let everyone know about booking extra nights before and after our event. They suggest you do so as soon as possible as there is a Fishing Festival before we descend on the town. Imagine?? A group of people wearing waders and celebrating all things fishy? What next, a club of fez-wearing people enjoying old black and white movies?...... oh, wait..!

We are dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s here at HQ and most of the donkey work is complete. We have a few jobs left to do and then the next four months will go by and September will be here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further information about coming here. We are at your service.

Also, please remember that our Saturday night’s entertainment is ourselves as we have a lot of fun with “Son’s Entertain”. It is shaping up to be a great evening. BUT… it is also GREEN NIGHT… We want to turn the room green and encourage everyone to wear green and more green, so get those suits, dresses and everything else green…..

We have also been asked to remind everyone and we will have this within our convention booklet but we will begin now….. When we visit St. Colman’s Cathedral on Saturday afternoon, please remember that it is a working cathedral and we ask that you remove any fezzes or bowler hats.

We have all your dietary requests but if for any reason anything has changed since you told us over a year ago, please let us know asap as we are finalising menus and lunch details shortly.

My thanks to all who have paid their final payments. If you still owe us one, please do get them in soon as we have to begin paying for all of this very shortly. Thanks


Take care all…


 Liam, Stephen and Colin

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