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Cuckoos Come Home

Grand Sheik WILLIE McINTYRE has some welcome news

The enforced absence from meetings of  the Call of the Cuckoos Tent is over! It will be lovely to meet up again with members when we return to the Panopticon in Glasgow on Wednesday 6th April.

We have chosen one of our favourite Laurel and Hardy features, Block-Heads, which has never yet failed to provide hearty roars of laughter. A couple of classic shorts will complete the mix.

We will make the start of our new season a night to remember at the music hall where Stan Laurel made his stage debut. As always, not only members, but friends and relations are most welcome. Our audiences include folk of all ages.

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Our bookings for Laurel and Hardy shows at the Panopticon are on the following dates this year. These are on the first Wednesday of the month:

  6 April
  1 June
  3 August

  5 October

Make a note in your diary!

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  • Released 19 August 1938.

  • Last Roach film to be distributed by MGM. There were contractual problems with Laurel at the time of filming.

  • On 12 August the Roach studio notified Stan Laurel Productions that Laurel’s contract had been terminated.

  • Harry Langdon was signed by Roach to replace Laurel in future films.

  • Producing the picture cost $425,000 – more than Sons of the Desert, Fra Diavolo, Helpmates and Big Business combined!

  • The film’s director John G Blystone’s died of a heart attack on 6 August 1938, aged 45 years.