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Boat 2.JPG
Dave's boat

Dave Williamson has his canal boat moored at the marina at Adlington in Cheshire.

We spotted it recently and asked Dave for details of the amazing repaint job.

Boat 1.JPG

The repaint was carried out by Andy Russell, a renowned and well respected traditional boat painter and sign writer. Such is his reputation, I had to book him in 2020, three years in advance of the work that was done in September to October 2023. Andy had the boat for a month.

We discussed several sign writing options before settling on the Laurel and Hardy Transfer Company idea. I gave him a screenshot of the sign on the side of the cart, pulled by 'Susie' (steady) in The Music Box.


He was delighted with the info, as he was able to reproduce the font, style and artwork, almost exactly. He was as pleased with the end result as I was.


Almost as an afterthought, between us, we dreamed up the 'Registered at Culver City' idea, rather than one of the more traditional boat registration centres, Watford,  Rickmansworth, etc.

He put out a video of the completed job on his Facebook site, which attracted a huge amount of 'likes' and approval.

 Dave Williamson 


painter Andy.jpg

Andy at work (on another boat)

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