Favourite Laurel & Hardy scenes
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GARY WINSTANLEY writes, "I've had an idea that will work nicely with the Centenary of 'Lucky Dog'. I hope you will all be a part of this. . . "

What are your favourite Laurel & Hardy scenes?

It could be a visual gag, a line of dialogue or even a song or a dance.

2021 marks the Centenary of the film 'Lucky Dog', which featured Laurel & Hardy's first appearance on screen together.

To celebrate a century of their comedy, 'Dirty Work Pictures' are to present a countdown of 100 Laurel & Hardy clips (commencing later this year.) A programme dedicated to the top 100 will be screened at the 'Annual' Laurel & HarDay on 4th September (I hope!).

The top 100 will be chosen by you, the fans!
I'd like you to choose up to 5 of your favourite moments. (Please state the scene clearly and which film it features in. It must be a 'Laurel & Hardy' film.)

If you choose more than 5, only your first five choices will be counted, so please choose wisely.

You can state your choices via this email address or contact me directly on 07734 623093.

If you'd like to feature in the programme, then please send me a short video explaining why it's your favourite. 

Videos need to be 1 minute maximum per chosen clip and filmed on landscape mode on your video camera. Please use the highest quality available.  (If we are lucky enough to have a convention this year, I'll grab several of you there and do some filming for this then. Time permitting.) 

Those that do not wish to appear, need not film themselves!


Deadline for your votes is 30.04.21.

I look forward to hearing your choices. Feel free to share this with your fellow tent members.


Gooooooodbyeeeeee for now.