Fin Tent

Foundation and launch of unique new tent


D'ooooh, they've only just gone and done it !


The Scottish cousins of James Henderson Finlayson caused quite a stir last night, 19 June 2019, during the Call of the Cuckoos Tent of Glasgow's meeting in the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall.


Five of James Finlayson's Scottish cousins were in the audience for the usual diet of Laurel and Hardy films. After viewing the first short, Oliver the Eighth, there was an special extra film to be shown. The extra film was a recording of an item from the BBC's The One Show featuring James Finlayson, which had recently been broadcast in all parts of the UK apart from Scotland. 


Following The One Show film the cousins were invited to the front of the theatre and introduced to the audience. Jeanne Hanson, a great-niece of James Finlayson joined the meeting from nearly 4,000 miles away in Tennessee, USA via an internet voice link.


The audience heard Jeanne explain her family connection to James Finlayson and her fond memories of her Uncle Bob Finlayson. However the best was still to come, as Jeanne had an important announcement to make, the foundation and launch of a new and unique Sons of the Desert Tent.


The new tent is exclusively for relatives of James Henderson Finlayson and their partners/spouses.


The name of the new tent is


Our Relations (Tent of James Finlayson) Oasis #354


Jeanne then revealed that she had been appointed Grand Sheik of this unique tent and is due to attend the International Sons of the Desert Convention 2020 at Warwick, Rhode Island, USA.


As previously mentioned, membership is exclusively for relatives of James Henderson Finlayson and their partners/spouses. If you wish to join the tent and have evidence that you are related to James Henderson Finlayson, please contact the tent with your evidence via the email address shown below.


Alistair Young

Corresponding Secretary 


Our resident genealogist Stephen Rettie (left) shall check the supplied evidence and once a new applicant is confirmed as a relative of James Henderson Finlayson, they can be admitted as a member of the Our Relations (Tent of James Finlayson) Oasis #354.


Many thanks to Grand Sheik Willie McIntyre for being in on the secret and Peter Crilly for his part in getting the pictures and sound to the audience, especially the two films which featured James Finlayson, Big Business and Me and My Pal.


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