Hannah Wilson
(Ann Macdonald) RIP
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At Christmas, Pat and I missed the usual letter and card from Hannah and feared that something might be amiss.


We have now had a lengthy and very cordial letter from Hannah’s friend Ainsley Max, telling us that Hannah sadly passed away last August, at the age of 89.


We used to know Hannah as Ann. When she was married to Les Macdonald, she was, of course, Ann Macdonald. Les was the founding Grand Sheik of the Leave ’em Laughing Tent of Liverpool, way back in October 1979. Les and Ann were inseparable and a truly special couple, whose achievements in the Sons of the Desert were great and many.


When Les died suddenly, Hannah eventually settled in New Zealand with new husband, Ken Wilson. She kept in touch with us regularly with a lengthy letter each Christmas and hearing from her was always a delight.


Ken passed away a few years ago. 


Hannah (Ann) spent her last couple of years in rest homes, latterly in Katikati. She loved company and her friend Ainsley was regarded as her “next of kin”.


Ainsley describes Hannah as, “A lovely person, very generous to the causes she supported and a loyal friend. She passed peacefully, having a post-breakfast nap.”


For our part, we have very fond memories of Hannah (Ann) and Les and our lives have surely been richer through having known them. Rest in peace.

 Willie McIntyre