22nd International
Sons of the Desert Convention 

June update

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We’re so close; so very close.  With 25 new Sons signing up for a great week of “Sons & Fun” in beautiful New Mexico, the month of May turned out to be a pretty good one.  With another month like that, we’ll be ready to celebrate The Boys in full-fledged, rip-roaring, glorious, fashion -- as only Sons of the Desert can do.

Still, we are a bit short of the 80 rooms per night we need to guarantee the hotel.  And a mere 120 in attendance might force us to tighten our belts and whittle down some of the niceties we’d like to offer.   

Be sure to check out our progress and convention status on our website (sons2022.com).  The Delegates List and its accompanying barometer thermometer will tell ya all ya need to know.

While I’m at it, I’d like to recommend that you opt for our pre-convention excursion on Wednesday morning/afternoon.  That’s our trip to Acoma Pueblo (Sky City) and several other great stops. 


Albuquerque is currently building a brand new Route 66 Museum, which is scheduled to open prior to our festivities, and we’ll be sure to make it a stop on our trip.  And we’ll also be sure to get ya back in plenty of time for our fun-filled Wednesday Evening Sunset mixer.  Oh, it’s gonna be a darb!

I’m scheduling it for Wednesday this time (rather than Tuesday) so that you can fly in on Tuesday rather than Monday.  Of course, if you want to partake in one of our long-distance outings, you’ll also be able to schedule those and still do the Acoma Pueblo trip.

The upcoming Registration Form will allow you to sign up and pay for the Wednesday pre-convention trip (as usual), but the long-distance trips will just be listed with approximate costs and an opportunity to select the one you’d like.  This is because actual prices and availability are subject to the number of Sons taking the trip -- so we want to get a count.

I want to sincerely thank all you Sons who’ve thought enough to pre-register and help make our convention happen during these crazy mixed-up times.  And to all of you who might still be on the fence, I’d like to ask you to risk an envelope and stamp and show your intentions by sending in your $100 deposit this month.  We’re so close to having a wonderful convention.  All we need is you. 

You can write your deposit check to Gary Logsted, and mail it to…

Gary Logsted

4819 Erin Street NE

Albuquerque, NM 87109





BS: PayPal is still a great option.  But be sure to send it to garylogsted@aol.com, and use their friend-to-friend feature so we aren’t charged a hefty transaction fee.


BBS: Apparently some Sons are having trouble bringing up the website (sons2022.com) on their cell phones.  I strongly recommend using a computer/laptop, but if you simply must use your phone and are having troubles, first make sure you are typing all lower case, and then let me know if you are still having problems.