Ken Runyan's marvellous models

 Stuart Green reports 

There’s a lot of Laurel and Hardy figurines and ornaments on the market. Some are good, some not so good. Then I received this email from Ken Runyan. I think you will agree that these are exceptional models, and unique, as Ken produced them himself. I will let Ken tell his story…

The models are made from the Laurel and Hardy AMT kits that were available in the 70's. I had always enjoyed model car building as a kid and felt I could duplicate some of the Model T's in the Boys films. I used photographs, a needle-nose pliers and a hair dryer to soften the plastic and remould it into the shape I was looking for. On the Hog Wild car, the heads were from the model kit, but the bodies were from airplane model accessories. The bodies in the other two vehicles came from the 1:32 Gate diecast models that were available few years ago.


As for myself, I was introduced to Laurel and Hardy in the sixties at Shakey's Pizza Parlors. When the men weren't playing the upright piano and banjo, a series of Laurel and Hardy movies were projected onto a  screen. Although it was difficult to hear due to the ambient noise, just watching them provided enjoyment. In my adult years I rediscovered the Boys from a video rental. There were instructions to contact a Mr. Dwain Smith in New York for more information. He gave me Randy Skretvedt's phone number and I joined the Unaccustomed As We Are tent. I now belong to the Hollywood Party Tent and the Way out West Tent as well.

Thats' that.     


PS. I am also working on the Palms train station (Berth Marks). The building took many months to complete. I plan to place it into a plexiglass enclosure with all the extra stuff, filming equipment etc around the station. Should be done by Christmas I hope!

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