Laurel and Hardy on Talking Pictures TV
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 With thanks to Peter Jones

and John Saunders for updates 

Saturday 3rd July 

Brats at 9.10am

The Music Box at 4.00pm

Pack Up Your Troubles at 4.40pm


Sunday 4th July

Another Fine Mess at 4.00pm

Sons Of The Desert at 4.35pm

Laurel and Hardy at Home 5.55pm


Saturday 10th July

Double Whoopee at 9.40am    
From Soup to Nuts at 4.00pm
The Bullfighters at 4.25pm
County Hospital at 5.40pm


Sunday 11th July

Putting Pants on Philip at 4.00pm
Jitterbugs at 4.30pm

Tuesday 13th July

The Bullfighters at 6.45pm


Thursday 15th July 

Jitterbugs at 6.30pm


Saturday 17th July

Below Zero at 9.35am

Our Relations at 4.00pm

Twice Two at 5.30pm


Sunday 18th July

Battle of the Century at 4.00pm

The Bohemian Girl at 4.25pm

Tuesday 27th July

Our Relations at 6.35pm


Saturday 31st July

Liberty at 9am

Towed In A Hole at 4.00pm

Block-Heads at 4.25pm

The Finishing Touch at 5.35pm


Sunday 1st August

A Chump At Oxford at 4.00pm

The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case at 5.15pm

Oliver Hardy Interview at 5.55pm