Leicester Square statues

‘Scenes in the Square’ will launch in late February 2020 and will be a free, fully accessible trail for film lovers of all ages.

Production is underway by sculptor David Field on life-size dynamic statues of comedy icons Laurel and Hardy.

Laurel and Hardy, Batman and Paddington to be honoured with Leicester Square statues



Bronze statues depicting famous moments and characters in cinema from the last century will be placed in Leicester Square in a celebration of London's film history.

Laurel and Hardy, Mary Poppins and Mr Bean will be among the eight figures represented in the "statue trail", which will open next month.

Leicester Square was first home to a cinema in 1930, with the first premiere taking place there in 1937. Since then, the square has cemented its place in British cinema history and it regularly plays host to some of the most high-profile events in the UK's film calendar.

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