Let Battle commence

 ROGER ROBINSON took the 'Saps on Tour' to a very special meeting 

Battle tent.JPG

What can be better that meeting up with fellow Sons from a different tent to enjoy an afternoon of Laurel & Hardy fun and laughter?


Colin Obersteller is the Grand Sheik of ‘Below Zero’ tent in Battle, Sussex. Now you don’t have to be an authority of British history to know that in 1066 King Harold got shot in the eye, in the battle of Hastings, by one of William the Conqueror’s army. I guess Health and Safety was a bit lacking in those days! Anyway, the actual battlefield is slightly away from the coast and it is here that the town of Battle was established. It is a lovely little town, full of character and yesterday afternoon (Saturday 20th  November) it was full of Sons of the Desert. Yes, six members of ‘Saps At Sea‘, invaded Battle to meet up with the Below Zero’ Sons. What a wonderful afternoon we had together. 


Instantly there was a camaraderie of fun and friendship and not one single arrow was fired. On screen we enjoyed a trio of L&H classics, ‘The Fixer Uppers’, ‘Me and My Pal’ and ‘Scram’, as well as a Tom and Jerry short. Colin invited me to say a few words about the origins of the Sons of the Desert, and I then showed the Channel Four short film, ‘Film Fever’.


It was all over too soon and as folk said their ‘goodbyes’, Trevor Bell then remembered he hadn’t taken a photo! So belatedly those of us that were still there, gathered behind the picture of Stan and Ollie for a photo. Colin, a perfect host, is wearing the great ‘Block-Heads’ t-shirt.  Thanks to him and his team, we have vowed that we may have some further Battles in the future.