Mark Burns RIP
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With great sadness, we have to report the passing of Mark Burns.


Mark founded the Busy Bodies Tent of Stourbridge in 1991 and was a leading light in the Sons of the Desert for many years. He was also a good chum - a kind and gentle friend who was an inspiration to all.


Bowler Dessert is especially proud of the fact that Mark was a prolific correspondent for many, many years.


Rest in peace, Mark. We miss you.

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Mark drew this logo for his new tent and wrote for Bowler Dessert as follows. . .

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The Busy Bodies Tent got underway with their inaugural meeting on the 20th April [1991]. Thanks to publicity via posters, local press and local radio, there was a tremendous turn-out. Wordsley and Ridge Hill Hospitals Social Club was filled to capacity, with eighty people attending to get the tent off the ground.


There was an extra bonus for those who had heard of us through the press and radio, who had omitted to mention that we were having a big screen film show, courtesy of Neil Williams. Films on show were BIG BUSINESS, OUR WIFE, THEY GO BOOM, BRATS, GOING BYE-BYE and the musical clips from WAY OUT WEST. A good time was had by all.

Grand Sheik Lee Fenton and members of the A Chump at Oxford Tent were in attendance, with one member managing to win two of the raffle prizes.


The second meeting took place on Bank Holiday Monday 27th May. Again there was a good turn-out. Hard-boiled eggs and nuts were circulated during County Hospital. Amongst the raffle prizes was a paintbrush.


Elections were duty held, the results being:


Grand Sheik- Mark Burns

Vice Sheik: Neil Williams

Grand Vizier: Tony Bagley (recruited to the tent via the pages of Bowler Dessert)

Sub Vice Vizier. John Everton


Members were thanked for electing those to office and invited to join them for a drink. At which point a half pint of mild and eighty straws were circulated.


Things continued to go very well for the Busy Bodies and membership currently stands at just around 100, with regular attendance at monthly meetings averaging about 130. Our youngest member is 3 years old and the oldest is 68. Strangely they share the same birthday. If any Son via the pages of Bowler Dessert would care to work out the statistical probability of this, I would be only moderately interested!


 Mark Burns 

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