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On Mastermind (BBC2, 26.09.22.) Anu Mitra answered questions on the films of Laurel and Hardy. How many of the questions could you have answered correctly?

1. The song performed by Laurel and Hardy in Way Out West, which reached no 2 in the UK singles chart in 1975, is entitled The Trail of the Lonesome WHAT?


2. In one of his early film roles, which future horror star appeared in A Chump at Oxford as one of a group of students who play pranks on the new arrivals Stan and Ollie?


3. What is the name of the little pig in Babes in Toyland which is pig-napped by the villain Silas Barnaby, but later rescued by Stannie Dum and Ollie Dee?


4. In the Oscar-winning short The Music Box, starring the duo as delivery men trying to transport a piano, what name does Ollie give the horse that  pulls their wagon?


5. Which Australian born actress plays Ollie’s blackmailing old flame in Chickens Come Home and his wife in a number of other films?


6. What is the full name of the vet who is sent for by Stan when Ollie feigns illness in Sons of the Desert and who prescribes a sea voyage to Honolulu as the only cure?


7. In Pack Up Your Troubles, the pair are looking after a young girl who tells Stan what bed-time story which soon sends him off to sleep?


8. In Busy Bodies, Stan consults what he thinks is a blueprint for the window frame that Ollie is trapped in, only to be told that it is actually the design for what major structure?


9. When Ollie’s new wife refers to Stan as one of her husband’s nick-nacks in Block-Heads, Ollie explains that a nick-nack is a thing that sits on top of a WHAT?


10. In County Hospital, Stan is told that Ollie’s room is next to the solarium. How does Stan mistakingly refer to the solarium when he gets lost and has to ask again?


11. In Swiss Miss the pair are mouse-trap salesmen who travel to Switzerland because Stan reckons there will be more mice there as they make so much cheese. What is the name of their mouse-trap company?

On the show, Anu Mitra scored 8 points. Would you have preformed better?


The correct answers are here.

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