New Plaque for Stan

2021 Update

 Bill Crouch reports 

plaque for Rutherglen.jpg

Neil Gregory, Deputy Head of Engagement in the Heritage Directorate of Historic Environment Scotland (HES) has provided an update regarding Stan’s new plaque during these challenging times.


Despite the foundry experiencing many issues over the past year, Neil confirmed that the bronze plaque had been manufactured and now awaits installation in Rutherglen.


The logistics of arranging installation between Historic Environment Scotland and the owner of the property in Rutherglen are proving quite challenging just now within another covid-19 full lockdown. Sadly we will have to wait a little longer to see a photograph of the plaque in situ. Let’s hope it can happen sometime this year.


Part of the architect’s drawing is shown here.

The plaque measures 40cm x 23cm and will, I think, be a very welcome addition in celebrating an element of Stan’s short time in Scotland in the early 1900s.