Nick Bowler RIP
Nick Bowler 1.jpeg

 Photo by Gary Winstanley 

Nick Bowler passed away on 12th October. Nick was one of the stalwarts in the Sons of the Desert and I am truly sorry to hear that he has left us. Somehow he was one of those folk who you expected always to be around. I recall first meeting him as an early subscriber to Bowler Dessert - yes our friendship went back that far! We kept in touch all those many years and seeing him at conventions was always part of what makes our society special.


I recall at a convention a few years ago Nick telling me that his health was failing and I will always remember how much he appreciated words of sympathy and encouragement. I know too that keeping in touch in recent times with fellow Sons via social media greatly helped Nick cope and it was obvious that he found strength through our support.


Rest in Peace, Nick. We will miss you.


 Willie McIntyre 

I first met Nick at the Helpmates in the early 1990s. He absolutely loved Laurel and Hardy (and Arsenal), so from the start we shared one common interest and one friendly rivalry (as I am a Spurs supporter).


He was also a  local Councillor and became Mayor of Chatham, where he once hosted a Sons meeting in the Chatham Town Hall, dressed in his regalia. He attended many events, including Saps meetings in Southend, and European and UK Conventions. He was a trained chef and had worked at residential schools, so ‘he sure knew how to plan a meal’.


He loved the camaraderie of the Sons, and at gatherings it was his voice and laughter that could be heard above everyone else.  When I was a Police Officer, I was once on duty in uniform at Highbury and spotted Nick on his way to watch his beloved team. He didn’t spot me so I walked up behind him and put my hand on his shoulder and said “You are nicked”. For once he was speechless, but enjoyed my prank.


He had hoped to host a future Convention with Steve Brooks ‘Way Down South’, but with Covid interruptions and his declining health, it was not to be.


Our thoughts are with Sandra, who has always been so supportive and caring for Nick. We will all miss him. RIP my friend.


 Roger Robinson