Polls apart?

Just for fun: a comparison of our poll results from 2020 and from 1988



1. = Sons of the Desert

    = Towed in a Hole
    = Way Out West

4.    Helpmates

5.    Block-Heads

6.    Fra Diavolo (The Devil’s Brother)

7  = The Music Box
    = Them Thar Hills

9. = Blotto
    = Busy Bodies
    = Pack Up Your Troubles

Also nominated
Another Fine Mess, Any Old Port, Big Business, Dirty Work, Going Bye-Bye!, Laughing Gravy, The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case, Liberty, Me and My Pal, One Good Turn, Their First Mistake

1.    Way Out West
2.    Sons of the Desert

3.     Helpmates

4. =  Babes in Toyland

    =  Big Business
    =  Brats
    =  Hog Wild

    =  Laughing Gravy

    =  Towed in a Hole

10.= Another Fine Mess
    = Block-Heads
    = Fra Diavolo (The Devil’s Brother)

    = The Live Ghost
    = The Music Box
    = Them Thar Hills
    = Tit For Tat

Also nominated
Any Old Port, Beau Chumps, Bonnie Scotland, Busy Bodies, A Chump at Oxford, County Hospital, Dirty Work, The Finishing Touch, The Hoose-Gow, The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case, Me and My Pal, Night Owls, Our Wife, Pack Up Your Troubles, Perfect Day, Putting Pants On Philip, Thicker Than Water, Two Tars

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