How you voted

We invited readers to select their favourite Laurel and Hardy film. Our chart shows a mixture of some predictable nominations and, on the other hand, some perhaps surprising results.

Thanks for taking part

Just for fun

Click here to compare the results with ones we obtained when we last conducted this poll - in 1988!

1. = Sons of the Desert

    = Towed in a Hole
    = Way Out West

4.    Helpmates

5.    Block-Heads

6.    Fra Diavolo (The Devil’s Brother)   7.  = The Music Box
    = Them Thar Hills

9. = Blotto
    = Busy Bodies
    = Pack Up Your Troubles

Also nominated

Another Fine Mess, Any Old Port, Big Business, Dirty Work, Going Bye-Bye!, Laughing Gravy, The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case, Liberty, Me and My Pal, One Good Turn, Their First Mistake

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