We have just caught up with a great idea launched by Eric Woods in March 

We've been cancelling meetings, events and even a Convention of late. We can't let our lives be empty of all things Laurel and Hardy, can we?


To that end, I plan to devise a 10 question Trivia Quiz each month for the rest of the year, 10 months in all, 100 questions, and let's see who gets the questions correct quickest.


Your email replies will of course have a time and date indication, so the first person with all 10 correct answers each month will be the winner.


The person with the best score at the end of the year will be awarded a splendid, nay, a superb certificate to show how knowledgeable they really are.


Good luck,


Fraternally yours,

Eric Woods

To be put on the mailing list and to enter, contact Eric

Sample questions from March

Which TWO roles did Harry Bernard play in Fraternally Yours


What was the name of Stan’s pet crow in Great Guns?    

Which feature film was released on Valentine’s Day 1936?    

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